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001 — Create A Culture Of Documentation

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001 — Create A Culture Of Documentation

To build an organization someone will want to buy someday

Speaker 1 (00:01):

One thing I wanna hit on this morning is the importance of SOPs or standard operating procedures. 

Creating a culture of documentation is pretty tough, but it dramatically increases the value of your business if you ever want to turn around and sell it. It also kind of makes your business foolproof, or even recession proof. If you can have someone step into a role, go through your SOPs and ramp up very quickly, you kind of remove that glass ceiling there. 

As an organization, especially with a local service business, a lot of businesses are having trouble finding employees or reliable team members. Finding that person is like a quarter of the value of the battle, in my opinion. 

You have to get that person ramped up and get them to know the business and eventually care about your business enough where it shows in how they treat your clients. And that's not gonna happen in one week. And it's really, really hard to do that when you are flirting with the minimum wage line as far as your wages. 

So rounding out this whole point, if you are able to have a solid culture of documentation where you create SOPs, standard operating procedures for every single thing that you do in your company,

Speaker 1 (01:52)

You're not gonna have the troubles that 98% of the other businesses out there will. Because when they lose an employee, with all of that knowledge locked up in their brain, <laugh>, they lose more than just that employee, that person, that person had become so valuable or that they actually felt that they didn't feel as valued. 

So they picked up and left about leaving the business owner empty handed. So crafting that culture of documentation, what we're learning is huge. 

And we have the opportunity to do that with Custom AIDS California and just document every single thing that we're doing now because it'll pay off in the long run. And once that stops created, it's so easy to go back in there and edit and tweak. It's just the energy that it takes to set up the document in the beginning, just cuz it's gotta get outta your brain and onto the paper, the document, so to speak. 

So if you're able to do that, I think you're gonna set yourself apart. It's going to make your company a lot more valuable, be able to sell it a lot easier, and you're not gonna have the problems that everyone else will.

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