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002 — Local Service Ads, Custom Maids November Update

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002 — Local Service Ads, Custom Maids November Update

A quick check-in to see how our Local Service ads are faring (how much we’re spending; how many leads, how many clients, etc)

Speaker 1 (00:01):

Good Wednesday morning. Today is November 16th, 2022. I'm not sure when you are listening to this, but


I hope it is still helpful in some sense. I wanted to go over Google's local service ads. They're not Google ad words. It's not Google search ads, it's not display ads, YouTube ads, anything it, it's something a little different. And it's specifically for local service providers only. So if you're just a local boutique and you're selling products, you sell clothes, apparel and whatnot, you don't get to use local service ads. You have to be providing a service. So I'm going to dig into my account that we are using here for custom aids. I'm going to go to my billing just so I can double confirm how much we are, we have paid so far for the local search ads, or excuse me, local service ads, Google's local service ads. So I had on here about, okay, so I started this up. I wanna see the entire year hasn't been that long. It's only been since September. Yeah, so since September we have spent about seven to $800. Well, that's it. Seven to $800 on local service ads. They have more potency than Google search. So it's pretty interesting. So now I'm gonna go over to leads and see how many it has in here. Cause I can't remember if it's


78 total since then. So I'm gonna say I've spent $800 divided by 78 lead. That's $10 a lead. That is like it's cake because these people are,


It's search intent. They've already, they, they've searched you and searched for that service, specifically the difference. So your ad will still show up with Google's search ads, but you cannot run Google's local service ads out of the regular ad platform. Google's regular ad platform. It's something different. You have to get approved by Google. You have to submit, prove to them. You have liability insurance. You have to show them your social media profiles and you have to get five reviews on your local service profile before they'll even show your ads all. They have all these hoops to jump through. But then underneath your ad, it's saying they're giving you a Google badge, Google certified or something like that. Google approved, I think it was.


I'll double check on that verbiage. But you get a little badge there that people see when they're searching and it's a vote of confidence for you and for your brand, for your company. So they're gonna win that click. That's all it comes down to. The only purpose of an ad is to get a click. So many people are trying to sell in their ads. You see mostly on Facebook and Instagram ads, but especially search ads, local service, literally all you're trying to do is earn that. Click your landing page or your website then is its job is to do the selling and do the converting. So we've got a 10, about a $10 lead cost for these search intent leads. I'm gonna hop over into Neutrally Plus and see they weren't attributing, right? Cuz you can't sync anything other than jobber with local service ads, which we have.


But I feed everything through naturally plus first before going to Jobber. Cause I want to keep the client software extremely clean, but I still wanna know all the other stuff. I still wanna know how my marketing is performing. But Jobber is more for clients and not leads, not prospects. So I can see that I only have 31 leads in virtually and that's because when they call the local service ads, it's going to our Google Voice number, which is not tracked in neutrally, in Neutrally Plus. So I don't see those, they count as leads, but perhaps we were an open for an estimate or whatever. So it's still a lead, but it's not an estimate request. So it doesn't get counted there. But of the 31 leads we put in there, we have one 12 of them already. We've lost 10 of the 31 and we have seven that are open right now.


I admit we're not like, we're not ferocious sales wise with our organization though we're getting there because I can tell the girls in the office are doing, they're such a good job with the projects and the challenges that I've given them so far, and really no sales training at all. They're doing good work. They care about the clients and they care about the company. I mean, they've been with the company longer than we have. We acquired it and they were there. They were part of that team. So they've known the company longer than we've had. We have, I see that. I see how much that they care about the company. So that's why since we've started, they've gotten like five and $6 an hour salary increases. And that's only been in the first two years. I mean, they deserve, absolutely deserve it. Local service ads, absolutely crushing it.


I wanna see if I can turn the faucet on a little bit more here. Crank up the ad budget a little bit. I'm okay with the higher lead cost, honestly. I know it all works out in the end. So if you have any questions about local service ads, send us an email: hi@nurturely.io, with a subject line, local service ads, and just said any question you have about it, how to get started or how to tweak a campaign or maybe some follow up sequences to help convert them a little bit better. Always happy to help.

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