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003 — The Best Decision We Made At Custom Maids This Year

Putting the focus on recurring clients to build an extremely strong book of business

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003 — The Best Decision We Made At Custom Maids This Year

Putting the focus on recurring clients to build an extremely strong book of business

Speaker 1 (00:00):

One of the best moves that we made this year with custom mades, um, was putting the focus on, uh, the recurring clients. Not that we didn't have recurring clients before, but when we bought custom mades in January, 2020, there was literally no sales process. It was like, pick up the phone when it rings, take their name down if they want an estimate. If not, that was the last time you talked to 'em. You know what I mean? So like, there was so much that was, that was being missed. There was the, the whole company was like this giant leaky bucket. So one of the best things that we did, um, was, was implement a challenge to, uh, start acquiring more of those recurring clients with purpose. Uh, this challenge only launched in September, but I had been working on it admittedly for far too long. Um, I started, uh, building that, building out the whole plan, the whole model commissions, commission tracking and whatnot, like, uh, early summer, but we didn't launch until September 1st, was the first day of, of Project 37 is what we called it.


Um, I, I gave it that name because between September 1st and December 31st, um, I hope my, my goal is to sign 37 new recurring clients. Um, now once they sign with us, they don't sign anything. I mean, they basically just agreed to a frequency. So I, we have, uh, our reps asking like, Hey, are you interested in a monthly, biweekly, weekly service or one time clean? Um, if they indicate recurring, uh, we hook them up with a deep clean to start, and then it's recurring after that. And if they are, if they indicate recurring at all, um, the commissions for that client then get activated a and it's kind of a tiered system to incentivize the sales reps to get that client, uh, to seven visits. I've found that once, um, once a client has been with us for seven visits or seven services, they stay with us for a lot longer, uh, than, than than everyone else.


It's like once they get a taste, they stay with us. And then once they stay with us for seven, seven visits, like they're gonna stay with us for a really long time. So I've incentivized our sales reps to get the sale, get the recurring sale, and then make sure that it gets to the, um, the seventh payment. So how I do this, I have it all set up in neutrally Plus. So we have our sales pipeline like normal, um, where you just drag the opportunity through, um, like a little contact card. It's like a drag and drop pipeline. Um, they'll go

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Through, they'll book their estimate, they'll be pending for a while until they actually pay. I don't have, uh, this, the reps mark the opportunity as one and that they've won the opportunity until the payment comes through. Um, just because it's like people can say that they're interested in and they're not, um, I'd rather be be absolute certain. Uh, and the only way to do that is, uh, to see a payment come through. So let's say they mark a, an opportunity as one, yay, we got a new client. We don't know what it is yet. I mean, they do, I don't, I mean on the back end here. So I go into another pipeline that I have set up in naturally plus called clients in this pipeline. I am only focused on, uh, the recurring clients, the people who are in project 37 and getting them to their seventh payment.


Right now. I can see that there are two new clients to be processed for me in here. Um, but both of them looked like, uh, they were one time cleans. Um, although I do see one on here that says one time and possibly monthly. So I'll keep an eye on that. Now, if one of these would have indicated that they were even monthly, I would have dragged them to the next stage, which is first service complete. And that is a payout of $20. So we need them to convert, or excuse me, complete seven services. And then it's considered a win on the back end. And that like taps out all of the commissions for, for our sales reps. So we wanna get to seven visits, but the commissions are only paid out on the first, third, fifth and seventh. So the second, fourth and sixth payouts during the commission period, or excuse me, the payments during the commission period are not, we're not paying commissions out on them.


So we're only paying out commissions on four of the seven to start. And then of course, eight and beyond. We keep all of it. Um, there's no commissions after that. So the first commission is 20 bucks, um, that they get the second commission, which is the third payment the client makes to the company. Um, second payment is, or second payout is $50, and then the third payout and fifth payment is $70. So the sales reps will get $70 from there. And then on the seventh and final payment that the client, or excuse me, it's not the final payment, but the final payout, uh, the, the sales rep gets a hundred dollars, another a hundred dollars. And then from there we, we hope that the client stays with us for a really long time. Uh, so total, what a sales rep can earn, um, is $240 per re per new recurring client that they can get. Um, and, and so far we have, I mean, we haven't had anyone finish yet cuz it, we've only been

Speaker 1 (05:56):

Doing, doing this for um, oh, a month and a half now I have two, uh, clients that are on their sixth payment, two that are on their fifth, and then a lot that are in the first, second and third, uh, total that I have in here are, uh, 35 since, um, starting project 37. However, there were some that I let them count for August that they got to earn commission on, but it doesn't count towards Project 37. And for project 37, we are at 14 21, 29 30. We need seven more by December 31st for them to, um, win the challenge. And really the, so a client just has to agree to like, they agree for service before or on, or before December 31st, but if they were to pay within the first six weeks, I will, I will allow it. I'll count that. I, I let them know too.


So when they win this project 37 challenge, which I am pretty well, sure they are because if they're at 30 right now, um, like already accounted for, it's November 17th and there are still, um, let's see how many pendings there are. 23. Now there's a few older ones in here, but there's still a good bit of people in here, um, to get to this 37. And once they do, um, once they achieve this, our two sales reps are gonna start to be able to, um, accrue paid vacation time. So paid time off. Um, we're going to start with two hours earned per pay pay period. I want to go to four. Um, cuz I think to me that's just like standard. But I'm going to set up another challenge, um, either in Q1 or Q2 of 2023 and then they're gonna be able to double this.


Um, and maybe even next year I will let them go through it and, and get it this year. Um, cuz we have a bunch of other challenges, uh, and prizes lined up, like they love concerts. So the next one is gonna be a concert, uh, that they can win. Um, so the paid time off the vacation one they're gunning for. I don't see how they don't get it. Um, it's been great so far. So we're really excited. I hope that this was helpful, at least in some form. If you have any questions about how we're paying out commissions, how we're tracking it or anything else, please do get ahold of me. Um, Twitter dms might is probably the best. My, uh, handle is at KD xyz. Uh, reach out. Any questions, happy to help. Um, I'll let you know what we're doing and and see if we can get it, uh, replicate the same for you, um, because I'm not going to complain over, um, 30 new recurring clients in a month and a half.


You know what I mean? We've had more clients close, but there are a lot of one time deep cleans and just one time services. Like we had a, a fresh start package close, uh, two days ago. I will go over what our fresh start is that, that's for another, uh, another episode. Um, but we just got one in here for <laugh> $4,992. We have three cleaners on the job for two days, eight hours each day. Um, that's a fatty for sure. $4,992 on tap for end of the month. So, um, that one, they get 10% of that, uh, for fresh start for premium packages. So that's a $500 commission. Actually, that's double the, what they get on a recurring. Um, but we'll go into, uh, the fresh starts in the commissions, uh, maybe tomorrow or another time. Um, so if you have any questions, do let me know.


Uh, this is, like I said, been one of the greatest, best, smartest decisions, especially with, um, looming recession. Supposedly, I'd rather have hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of recurring clients, um, paying me a little bit each month rather than having, you know, five or six really big clients and losing one of them and then losing 20% of our revenue. So I think we're, I think we're okay. I think I, I, I think we're okay, especially with a, with a potential recession. Um, I don't know. I, I, I'm really pleased with this. I'm really pleased with how, how, how the, the team has responded and, and, and enjoyed the success that we have so far. So I'll have another update in a couple weeks on this, um, to see if we finally hit our project 37, which I know we will. So if you have any questions on commission tracking and helping to incentivize your team to fat up your residential cleaning company with recurring clients, reach out Twitter, handle at KD a xyz. Talk to you later.

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