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004 — MCAT, Never Miss A New Client Phone Call Again

When you miss a call from a new/potential customer, MCAT will automatically engage the prospect so you don't lose the sale. 

004 — MCAT, Never Miss A New Client Phone Call Again

When you miss a call from a new/potential customer, MCAT will automatically engage the prospect so you don't lose the sale. 

Speaker 1 (00:01):

Good Friday morning. It is November 18th, 2022. Yesterday, I built out the first step of mcat. Uh, what that is is, uh, missed call, auto text, uh, for custom mades. We use this, um, to reach out, to send a text message to anyone that, anyone who's call that we miss. So say we're all on the phone, or our, our, our sales reps are people in the office, are all all on the phone. They're, they're talking with current customers or talking with, uh, team members, uh, the cleaners and a call comes in a, a potential client and no one can get to it. Well, as soon as that phone call stops, they're gonna go to the very next service provider that they can find. They're gonna call them, and if they answer, you're gonna lose the business. Um, the problem is that we can't always answer, uh, every single phone call.


Um, especially solo operators, owner operators. We have people in the office. But if you're, uh, an owner operator, you, you're, you're servicing clients, you're, you're, you're taking care of the ones you already have. It's really hard to, to put that focus on new client acquisition. Um, so missed call, auto, text, or MCAT is, uh, it's basically just a call tracking number that if someone calls it, it will recognize that you did not answer it. And then it will immediately send a text message to that person saying, Hey, sorry, just missed your call. How can I help? Uh, something very, very, very simple, uh, very basic, but it works so well, um, because that text message gets to them before they have a chance to call someone else to call the next, uh, competitor, for example. Um, and, and a lot of times people appreciate, um, like the apologies.


It, it says, the standard message says, um, hi. Like ours is, hi, this is custom made. Sorry, sorry, we missed your call. How can I help? That's all it says. Uh, but people reply and say, oh, well thank you so much for getting back to me, blah. We, we want our house cleaned this weekend or next week. So it's, it's very, very, very simple and it's, you really just put it all over the internet where you want people to call, and that way you can see how many calls you generated, how many calls were missed, how long each call was for, and then you can track all of that and be able to make smarter decisions going forward, um, for your business. So, for example, perhaps you see, um, a lot of the calls are coming from Facebook ads versus Google Ads. Well, you might wanna ramp up your Google Ads instead of, or excuse me, your Facebook ads instead of Google Ads. Um, that's kind of backwards cuz I, Google is loaded with search intent. So, um,

Speaker 1 (03:00):

If you don't have a call tracking number or a phone number, a business phone number that triggers a text message, when you miss a call from a potential new client, reach out, send a message to hi@naturally.io or you can go to virtually.io, uh, the website. You're not, it's not for mcat, it's for virtually plus. Um, but you'll be able to get in touch with me there and I, we can get you, get you set up with a, a brand new phone number, um, completely for free. And this will, this will help you, uh, capitalize on all of those opportunities that you otherwise would've missed. I mean, you're not gonna be able to answer the phone call every single time unless you have a dedicated sales rep or receptionist. Um, so if you, if you're tired of missing calls from new, uh, potential clients, reach out.


We'll get you set up, we'll get you rocking and rolling. Mcat, it has by itself, it's, it saved us so many deals that we really don't even know about. I mean, we've missed calls and we just show up. And then in the conversation, uh, history inside naturally. Plus it said it has started the conversation for us already and we had to do literally no work, um, <laugh> except Miss the phone call. I guess you can look at it that way. So we had to miss the phone call to get the text message, and from there we handle our estimate requests, getting them scheduled or, uh, delivering a virtual estimate request. So MCAT, missed call, auto text, uh, we don't have the landing page, the website for this one set up yet. Uh, but I will let you know when we do and, uh, you can go check it out there. And, uh, if, if this is something that you don't have, definitely reach out. We'll get you set up. I hope y'all have a great Friday. Have the best weekend. Be safe. Be healthy, be well, bye-bye.

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