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005 — 19 Applications, 11 Interviews, $68.66 Spent on Facebook Ads

005 — 19 Applications, 11 Interviews, $68.66 Spent on Facebook Ads

My tolerance for business owners complaining about the labor marketing is wearing very thin

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So we are opening up a second Custom mades, a custom maids, California residential cleaning company, cleaning service. And, uh, it'll be based out of Visalia, California and serving, uh, Kings County, Tula County, Fresno County. Uh, to start, I have appointed my CEO out there, uh, who will be operating the day to day and handling, um, everything with the, the company there. So now we, uh, we're on the hunt for, um, for our team, for our, for our field operations manager and our, um, head cleaner. So for the time being, I have my CEO going to be operating as a field operations manager. Um, I like them to be separate, but I want them, uh, I want that position to kind of be earned and not really hired for right away, uh, because I don't want have to remove someone, uh, from that spot. And for now, since we are just starting, it's okay to have my CEO operate as the field operations manager.


So we are eyeing a January launch date, and, uh, we need to get interviews. We need to, uh, start building our team. So I'm going to, uh, discuss a little bit of our, about our, uh, ad campaign that we have going for Custom AIDS California to schedule these interviews. Um, my conversion tracking was kind of like it was not working right away, so I don't have all of them tracked in Facebook. But for the, uh, new applicants campaign, I can see here that we have only spent $68, um, total on that campaign. So if I go into, let me just see how many, um, applications we've received because $68, 68 or $68 66 cents, uh, I am showing 10 applications received, but I believe it is, oops. Let's go back into tag. Is Workforce


Okay? Perfect. I'm just in neutrally here seeing what it is. And we have <laugh>, I have 19 applica applications in here from $68. So if I do that math, $68 66 cents divided by 19, I have generated an application for custom Mades, California for $3 and 61 cents each. Now, I treat, uh, applicants in interviews the same way I treat lead generation for clients and customers. Uh, it's a numbers game. The more you have coming through the top of your funnel, the more opportunity you're gonna have at the bottom. So I need to fill this sucker up, and that is exactly what we've done with our Facebook ads campaign. I have even dialed it back to it's at a $6 a day budget. And yesterday, yesterday we spent $5 and 73 cents and got three applications. So <laugh>, it's quite interesting when all you hear is about a looming recession or about, um, struggles in the, in the workforce, in the labor market. And I'm not saying that they're not there. I'm not saying a recession isn't around the corner,


But my tolerance wears or is wearing very thin for the business owner or hearing the business owner that complains about the lack of people wanting to work. The problem is that, um, well, they're not doing anything <laugh> to, to find those, those people, you know, just putting a yard sign in your, in the front of your business or changing your, I don't know what you call it, your little billboard out in front of your business saying that you're hiring doesn't, doesn't cut it. You know, you gotta go find these people. And if you're not gonna put in the effort to do so, you don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to the labor market. So it kind of like folks out themselves when they complain about stuff like that regularly anyway, of course, you're gonna have, they're gonna be, there's gonna be struggles, there's gonna be nuances and things to learn, of course.


But I can easily spot a lazy business owner by how they talk about the labor market. Not every one of these people, not every one of these 19 applications are gonna get hired. We're only in the hunt for like three. But at the end of the day, I have given my ceo, I have given Patricia all of these opportunities to fill those spots. And you know what? We're gonna be ahead of schedule. And so it's, it's really exciting. Personally, I believe custom Mades California is gonna surpass custom mades, uh, orig, the original custom mades in Michigan, um, within two years, I really think so. Um, it'll be interesting to see how long it takes for that to happen. Um, or if I'm even right, or maybe it'll be even sooner. The opportunities are there. Um, I've had to turn off all the ads for estimate requests. Um, but we've had 19 applicants, I think it has, oh, if I go to how many appointments were scheduled. Okay, so it's,


There's probably 11 of them that came through here and, and scheduled it. So they went to, they filled out the application, they've submitted the application, and also scheduled, uh, the interview with Patricia. So there's 11 opportunities in there, and I've spent $68. Um, this can be replicated anywhere in the country for sure, in the us, uh, in the United States. Um, but I would be hard pressed to believe this won't work, uh, in, uh, internationally as well. If you need any help setting up a campaign to generate interviews, if you wanna grow your cleaning company, um, you need to be able to service more clients. Um, and right here locally in Huntersville, North Carolina, there is a company called Peachy Clean Made Service. I reached out, um, about a year ago, uh, asking if they wanted to take over some of the leads that we were generating here in the Charlotte area because I don't have anywhere to send them yet.


Um, I haven't built a, a cleaning service here locally, which that's going to happen in the first six months of 2023. Um, but they said our wait list is 120 clients long. Um, we don't need leads, we need, we need workers. Um, so I should reach out to them and offer this and see if we can get them some interviews and build their team as well. If you have any questions, please reach out. hi@naturally.io. Always happy to help, love to see people crushing it, especially the ones that are taking action. So today is Saturday, November 19th, 2022. I hope you have a great rest of your weekend. Stay positive, keep at it. We'll talk to you soon. Bye-bye.

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