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006 — Content is a competitive advantage

006 — Content is a competitive advantage

Imagine having thousands of value-rich articles floating around the Internet. And each of them had a link pointing back to you. Back to your business.

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Good. Monday morning, November 21st, 2022. I just updated my, uh, search engine tracking spreadsheet for, oops, I wanna go to Custom Mades. We signed up with a, uh, an SEO agency, a content marketing agency where we have them publishing, uh, two to four blog posts per week to the website. Uh, all done automatically, completely hands off. We don't even, I don't do anything with it except for record it in my CMS and then, um, distribute it. Of course. So when did we start? Let me get in here. We started this one end of October, so it's only been a month and there are 16 posts in here over the last month, though it's, it's kind of wild looking at, uh, Google's search console, we had very, very few clicks overall. It just, the, the, what the domain was new. Um, when we acquired Custom Mades, we did not get the domain name along with it, to be honest with you. I'm not even sure if I would, if, if the previous owner knew how to even access it. I don't, I don't know. I wasn't really worried about it at that time. Um, then we got a new domain name, hire custom mades.com and we used that just for a year or two. We didn't, haven't added much to it as far as content, but then, um,


I finally got my act together regarding content, regarding SEO and just getting into a consistent schedule for publishing. And the results are starting to show. I mean, if I look at my spreadsheet, I update this weekly, this last week. So over the three month view, this is, so this is not, the numbers are very, very small right now. It's just, it's, I can already see it moving in the three month view. As of last week, there were only 12 clicks. And so from last week, Monday till this week, there were 15 more. So it more than doubled in just the one week there. The impressions didn't double. There was only 130 more. So we got 15 clicks out of 130 more impressions this last week. And the average position of each page or every post went up to 16.9 and 17th, spot up from 22. So it's better like five, it's up five positions compared to just last week. And I haven't been doing anything with this other than let our content partner publish articles to it. Industry relevant articles, for example, the very first one that they published is titled How a Cleaning Service Removes Allergens from in Your Home and


Going Up a little bit. Here's another one

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Dirty Places in Your Kitchen that you need to clean. Now the whole goal is to have literally as many pieces of content out there floating around on the internet with calls to action with our phone number, with our links pointing back to us. So eventually we're gonna have thousands upon thousands of these, these articles on our website and no one's gonna be able to compete with us. It's competitive. If you're a na like a national company, but we're in Bay County, Michigan, it is going to be very tough to find someone in the residential cleaning space that is going to be publishing as much as we are. And it's already starting to show with how many clicks we're gaining and all I can see the relevant search terms, local home cleaning services, cleaning services near me, home cleaning services near me. We're getting branded searches. Um, oh, here's a good one. Pet urine removal. Midland County, Michigan has been, we have 21 impressions on that. That's quite impressive. That's a long keyword. We're gonna have to put a post on that because I think without even doing anything, it is ranking in the 16th position.


Even for our own branded keyword, we average in the 13th position, which is weird. It's probably cuz I search it and I don't see it like there's another custom aids that's down here. Um, yeah, down here in North Carolina or South Carolina. Yeah, these are perfect made service cryo Michigan House cleans are beautiful.


So this has gotta be a cheat code because when people go to Google or Bang or Yahoo or whatever search engine they use Duct up Go. I don't know if they, um, they're going there in making, they're conducting a search for something specific and they're looking to find an answer to that search immediately. Like Facebook ads, you're just trying to put your, your ads out there to people of certain demographics and behaviorals and interests and, and try to interrupt their pattern and get them to act. Whereas on Google, you just have to be there when they're, when they make that search.


And that's really starting to show with the clicks, just doubling in the last week, like I said, it went from 12 clicks in the three month view. So it's nothing to scream about. Like we've only been doing this for a month or two on this brand new domain about two months now. I can see it back to August, 2020 here, August, 2022. Sorry. Um, but I didn't do much with it. We were getting like six impressions a day. Now it's up to like 20. But it, it's, it's, it's gotta start growing at some point, you know? So like, I know it might seem premature that I'm getting like excited about this, but it's already doing exactly what I intended it to do and I knew it would start doing this. So it's not happening by accident. We're getting more, uh, pages published to the website. Google is able to further understand what the website is about.


It stays consistent, it stays relevant. And so when someone types in house cleaning services near me or any variation within 50 miles of Bay County, within 50 miles of Bay City, Michigan, our website will show up. They're going to click our link and they're going to say, you know what? Custom mades is a pretty badass coen company. We're gonna hire them first. We're gonna request a quote, request an estimate. That's what they do. Sign up with us, bing, bang, boom. Done. It's really not complicated. Um, but the problem is like, here, we started publishing this content a month ago. For me to see the needle move on this this quickly is quite impressive. It is, it's quite impressive. Now, if I go to, uh, just a pick a random business owner in, in Greater Charlotte and I explained to them that it could take months for them to start seeing results from content marketing, they're gonna, they're gonna say no, they're gonna shoot it down because if they spend money, if they invest, they need to see a return right away.


And it always tickles me like being in the space. I, I see this firsthand how, how they need to see immediate results, which I'm okay with, I'm totally okay with, other than the fact that there are a lot of folks in the generation ahead of mine who, who, um, love to take jabs at my generation and with regards to instant gratification, you know what I mean? Like, they're this alleged successful business mogul and they can't understand that, you know, marketing especially of this type is going to take a little bit to, to gain some traction and, and see the results. So like they can't even see that disconnect there. It's like kind of funny to me. Um, but they're the one, they're the ones that I'm usually jumping over in the search engines and, and so it's really easy to do. So it's, it's really not complicated.


It's, it's, it's not easy to do, but it is very simple. It's not easy because it's gonna take time and it's not easy because it's gonna take a bit of your budget. You have a bit of your marketing budget cuz content is not cheap at all. Content can be cheap, but good content is never going to be cheap. Um, if you are targeting a nationwide, like if you are a nationwide company, you can handle na national clients, uh, you can expect like really good like pieces of content, like thousand word articles, a really good one. You probably pay like four to $600 for that article. Um, if it's local you can go a little bit less cause there's not as much demand for it. But the gosh, the results are are huge. So it's, it's like a cheat code now to be in, in playing in this realm.


Um, I know it's only a matter of time before other people catch on cause I don't think people are like that stupid overall. And they will realize like that this is the way to go. Uh, in terms like content and loading your website up with as many pages of relevant, helpful content as possible, um, it's only a matter of time, but if you do it right now, it's going to be a lot easier and a lot cheaper. And you will have, you will have the time advantage. So if you stay near the top of Google for longer, Google remembers that, of course they, they have a history on you. It's gonna be hard for someone to knock you out of that position. So if you're the first one there, you have the leg up. But it's important to not get complacent as well. And that's why we have instilled, um, a system, a process or implemented, I should say, implemented a process where content is getting added every single week on the same day.


Um, four pieces each four, or excuse me, four pieces of content for one, I have two pieces of content for the, for another project I'm working on. Um, but that because it's fewer pages, uh, they are, the word counts are higher per page. So, and that's for virtually.io, but that'll be for another time. Um, publishing this content to your website is a cheap code in the residential cleaning space. There's a lot of cleaning companies out there, but they are, are not a lot of them online. They will, uh, set up a Facebook page, put their email and put a profile picture up and call it good. They will barely even fill out the Facebook page, which Google wants you to fill all that out. So if they see a profile with nothing filled out, why would you ever think, you know, like you're gonna get, like you're ever gonna get ranked ahead of another profile who's fully filled out. Like you've gotta satisfy the company that like built this stuff cuz they did it for a reason. So if your profile is not filled out to the max on every single platform, you're missing out. But, uh, if you, uh, have any questions about content marketing and getting good, helpful, valuable content published to your website every week, every month, as long as it's consistent and do it with scale, do it with speed and volume.


Reach out, would happy to help. I have, um, I don't know if my email is here on, uh, Spotify, apple, Stitcher, or wherever you're listening. Um, if you are here on TikTok or uh, anywhere else on social, you can find my email. Find a way to get in touch if you're a residential cleaning company, if you're a cleaning company at all and you, you understand the importance of content of SEO and having all of this valuable stuff out there, linking back to you, reach out will get you on the right path and you're gonna set yourself up for success for the long term and you're going to do what other people are unwilling to do. And that by itself is the competitive advantage.

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