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008 — Quick Custom Maids KPI Update, 50 Sales Opportunities so far in November

008 — Quick Custom Maids KPI Update, 50 Sales Opportunities so far in November

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Good Tuesday morning this November 29th, 2022. I had a great Thanksgiving, had, uh, a number of people over here and hosted them at the house. So it was really a great weekend. And yesterday, once everyone left, I, it felt like I was, I felt into a bit of a depression. It was mixed, mixed emotions with overwhelming gratitude, but also sadness. It was, it was, it was quite, quite a ride for me yesterday, but today we're getting back into it with, uh, a custom made KPI update. I wanted to just go through here and comb through, um, the inbound calls, the sales opportunities, and, um, see how many we've won so far this month, uh, and then see if we have any that were attributed for last month. So this will be real quick today. Um, just kind of a refresher for me and help me get back to it. So for November, I am showing we are up to a total of 50 opportunities. Okay? Last month was 54, but we still have a day or two left, um, in this month, right? Only 30 days of note of November. Yes. All right. Inbound calls is 62. That's two down from last month as well. Um, but they compare overall, uh, compared to our, uh, yearly average, what we've been averaging this year, we're 30, 40% over that quota. Um, we're only at nine, one for this month, nine opportunities, one, but it's still, uh, November 29th and two, the first two to three weeks of the following month are when they will start closing. So we have one more, one, we're up to 10 actually, and then new 12, 18 75.




So November, 2022, we're sitting at 50 sales opportunities generated. Um, this month. Uh, a sales opportunity is someone, uh, who gets, uh, entered into nurturing and they, they specifically ask for an estimate request. Um, and then we go and conduct that estimate basically. Um, or if they've requested an estimate, I should say. It's not, we, we didn't do 50 estimates. Sometimes people, um, forget that they've reached out, excuse me, they forget that they've reached out and we can't get ahold of them. So they go into the nurture sequence and hopefully we get them later. Um, but we've had 50 so far for November 54 for October, um, 62 inbound phone calls for November in 64 for October.


If I go back to November 20, 21, a year ago, remember this year we're at 50 sales opportunities for November. November last year we were at 33, and that was our third month into using, uh, virtually. So we have a huge gain over, uh, last November. Um, October, 2022, like I said, was 54 sales opportunities. But if I look back at October, 2021, there was 48, there were 48. Um, there was, there were quite a few that month. That, yeah, that month. I'm not sure what the influx was because there were more phone calls, inbound phone calls the following month. Um, I don't off the top of my head, remember, I just had, I can see here, I only had like $500 in ad spend. It was Facebook ads. Um, I just don't quite remember, um, how many of them came from Facebook ads. I, I don't have that attribution back on this spreadsheet.


So overall, I, I'm, I'm pretty happy with November. Um, I, I, I would like to see, I would like to see us get to the 60 sales opportunities mark per month. Um, our previous highest was, uh, it was last month, October at 54. This month is 50. Um, but this is the first time we've had back to back fifties. Uh, the last time we had a 50 was in March of this year. So, um, I say we're trending up, but it will be very interesting to see what December is like, what January is like. Um, folks like to clean up after the holidays. And then we have spring cleaning right around the corner too. So we're ready to go. We will see if our <laugh>, if our potential clients are as well.

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