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009 — You must install live chat on your website to generate more leads

009 — You must install live chat on your website to generate more leads

Installing live chat on your website will help you generate leads you’ve already worked for — without it, you lose them

Speaker 1 (00:01):

So if you don't have a website already, um, you should, you should have something set up, even if it's just a simple one page website, a landing page, or a mini site. It doesn't have to be anything complex, anything fancy. You just need something on the internet where potential clients can find you and then reach out. And ultimately, like, well, not ultimately, they'll become a lead and then ultimately, um, convert into a client. But on your website, you should have some sort of chat widget or some sort of live chat widget. It doesn't need to be live. Like, you don't need to have, um, an employee or virtual assistant replying, uh, to real time messages, although I would recommend it if you can afford it, it doesn't need to be. Uh, the point of this chat widget is to give people who don't want to call the opportunity to reach out.


I'm one of those people where I will do almost everything in my power to avoid a phone call. Um, and if I'm reaching out to a local home services contractor, if it's cleaning, if it's lawn care, if it's, uh, landscaping or pool service or whatever, while I'm searching for them, if they don't have a way, an easy way for me to reach them through any text based communication, so an email or a text message, I will move on until I find someone that does have that, that option. So, if, if your website, if I'm looking for a cleaning company and your website has a chat widget in the lower right or the lower left corner, I'm probably going to reach out and, and inquire about your services and go from there. And if you don't, I will probably, um, leave and move on to the next, because I will do almost everything in my power to avoid that first phone call until I at least know, know a little bit more.


And I, uh, can say with absolute certainty that, uh, I am not the only one like this. Um, most people, uh, most younger millennials and below and younger, like there's, uh, millennials that are, they could be in their mid forties by now, and there's millennials or maybe early forties. Um, and there are millennials that are a year or two younger than myself. I'm so 28 years old, whatever people far less often are interested in, in getting out a phone, on the phone with anyone. Uh, so text-based communication is, is huge. And you must have this on your website. It, it's very, very simple to set up. I mean, it's, it's one line of code and you install it once and you're done From there, you're gonna get notifications, emails,

Speaker 2 (02:59):

Texts, uh, from clients, leads coming in from places you never even knew were there just by installing this on your website, because so many people out there, um, prefer to reach out and do as much, uh, research, research as possible via text-based communication, uh, before that phone call. Now, that's not to say that there are not people out there that prefer a phone call. I am just saying that the trajectory is going down. Um, it's just fewer people, uh, like to be on the phone. Um, and it's, it's time to adapt. So if we don't have a live chat or a chat widget installed on your website, there are a ton of free options out there. Um, you just, a simple Google search can pull, uh, any of 'em up that, that fit your business. Um, I think one of the free ones off the top of my head is Talk Dotto.


So T A W k, Dotto, I believe that's free. I think Drift is free. Uh, naturally Plus has a free option if you've built your website on Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, uh, any of those drag and drop builders, they likely have a chat feature, a chat widget feature that you just have to enable. Uh, but from there, it'll be just a matter of connecting your website builder with your CRM so that if a new lead comes in and automatically goes to your CRM or any type of follow up automation that you have, um, rather than doing it manually. Uh, so if you've got a lot of leads coming in, automation is is huge. It will help a ton. Uh, I recommend Zappier for that. There's also make, which was formally, uh, integr mat, so make.com or zapier.com, Z A P i e r.com. Um, that'll help pull everything together as far as your website and your crm. Uh, so if you don't have a live chat on your site, please get one up as soon as possible. Uh, if you have questions about this, of course, feel free to reach out. Um, email links below. Uh, this, this audio, this video. Uh, you guys know where to get in touch, uh, depending on which platform you're on. So please don't hesitate to reach out. Our email is also hi virtually.io. So hily.io. I hope you all have a great day. Talk to you soon.

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