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011 — Programmatic SEO (pSEO) For Local Cleaning Companies?

011 — Programmatic SEO (pSEO) For Local Cleaning Companies?

In simple words, programmatic SEO is a method that helps to improve search engine visibility by creating dedicated landing pages at large scale. Companies such as Zapier, TripAdvisor, and Wise have nailed this kind of strategy for years.

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Good Friday morning, this December 2nd, 2022.


Want to, uh, discuss a little bit about programmatic SEO and how it can be used for your residential cleaning company? And in terms of getting more clients and increasing, uh, lead volume, programmatic SEO is, uh, in its simplest terms, it's basically a way to create and publish website pages in bulk. Um, and you do this by creating, uh, some type of variation of each page, and then collecting your data set, putting it in a spreadsheet, and then from that spreadsheet, it creates a bunch of documents based off of that data. So you're using your data to kind of tell a story and then create, uh, as many pages as needed or as the data allows. So, for example, residential cleaning. Uh, the first idea that comes to mind, think of the all of the towns and cities, uh, around you within 20 or 30 miles, uh, of your headquarters, your office, your, your home, your location. And think of the cities that have, I know this could be different if you're in a metro area. Think of all the cities that have more than, um, let's say 50,000 people to start. Um, now if you're in a more rural area, I would say start like aim with aimed for all of the cities with more than 5,000 people. Start with that. You're gonna come up with all those, a list of all of those cities, those towns, villages or whatever. And you are going to collect bits of data


On that city d


Put it into a spreadsheet, and then your document that you're gonna create is gonna just be talking about your, your, your house cleaning services. But on that page, it's going to look as if it's, um, specifically for that city. And you're gonna be able to create this one template and then basically multiply it out, uh, and do all that work with one click once you have the basis set up. So gather up, round up all of the, uh, cities around you within those designated population ranges, any of those cities that might get search volume on Google. So when you go to publish, you're cover, you're casting your wide net and getting, putting your very specific pages out there, uh, for searchers to find, for, for potential clients to find. Um, now these pages, the, the, the main thing with these, since you're creating a bunch of them, and a bunch of them are, I mean, they're all gonna be very, very similar.


Uh, it's very important that, uh, these, these are value packed. They, they have to be worth being indexed on Google. So add in some, some cleaning tips a homeowner might want to know, uh, on this page. So you're, you're not going to be selling your services the entire time on this page, preferably at the top. And then at the bottom, you'll have your calls to action to either call or, uh, request your estimate there, but in the middle, offer a ton of value to your homeowners, to your renters, or whoever your potential clients are. Offer them, um, life hacks or cleaning tips or, um, checklists or any type of resources that, uh, they might, they might feel, uh, are valuable. Um, this way you're, you're not, you're not just being all salesy. You're not just selling. You're providing a ton of value up front. You're helping them out.


And, um, that just opens the door for a new business to come in. They'll definitely, um, end up in your book of business, uh, very important to have your call to action at the end. A call to action is basically just like saying, Hey, if you're, uh, looking for home cleaning service or a weekly home cleaning service, give us a call at nine, eight, nine number, whatever your phone number is, whatever you want that website visitor to do, put that at the bottom with a link or a button to then take that action. That's your call to action. Um, another good bit of info. When you are creating this content, you're gonna be adding a ton of value inside that page. You're not just selling like we talked about, but sometimes it might be necessary, uh, to have, uh, outbound links to maybe a product page or maybe some cleaning supplies on Amazon that you highly recommend, or another website.


Sign up for these affiliate programs and put your link in there. So every time someone clicks that link, they pass through your link on your website, and then they go to Amazon, for example, and make a purchase. You, you collect a small percentage of that. Now, each sale is not going to, uh, is definitely not going to break the bank. But if you do this with a cons, with, with absolute persistence, you will, there will come a day where you, you're, you're gonna be able to, to live off just this passive income and it stems from your content. So, uh, first and foremost, you do need a, a process to get this content, like get, take it from idea to, to published. Um, and as a business owner, it's really hard to find time to do that. Uh, so if you need help, of course we offer that service as well.


Um, completely hands off for you, uh, in terms of getting the content created and published to your website, uh, to monetize the content, place the affiliate links throughout it, you're gonna have to set up, sign up for these affiliate link, uh, programs yourself, sorry, not the affiliate links. You're gonna have to set up the, for the programs yourself. And then once you have your affiliate link, you can place that throughout your content. And once it's there, you put it there once it lives there forever. Uh, and every time someone clicks that link and they go to whatever page afterwards and they make a purchase, you collect a small fee for that. So, uh, content is, is huge. Uh, content creates leverage, um, where it, it can allow a solo operator, a one man show, a one woman show, uh, to completely dominate a, a whole local area because they don't need a whole marketing or sales team.


They have all this content out there selling for them at all hours of the day and night, and allowing them to only ever speak with people that reach out to them. So it's like everything's inbound. Everything is a warm opportunity. Never get tired of that. So must get a process in place to, uh, to get this content produced, created, and published to your website. But this programmatic seo, uh, idea of gathering all those towns, all those cities, uh, within 30 miles of your location, we've already done it with custom aids. I mean, it's worth it. It, it's gonna take some time to collect that information, but getting that published to your, your website will, uh, will, will definitely make a difference. Um, if you have any questions, reach out to us. You know where to find us. Let us know.

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