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014 — 3 Simple Ways To Increase Local Lead Generation, Estimate Requests, & Clients

014 — 3 Simple Ways To Increase Local Lead Generation, Estimate Requests, & Clients

Need more Estimate Requests for your Cleaning Business?

Speaker 1 (00:01):

Three of the simplest ways to increase your estimate requests or, uh, ramp up your lead generation, uh, increase that lead volume. Uh, there are three things in my opinion. Uh, three of the simplest, easiest things that any business can do, but home service, local home service businesses can, uh, really capitalize on and, and benefit the most from are the three things are. Number one is, um, installing a, uh, live chat website widget in the lower right or lower left, uh, of your, of your website. Uh, just for a way to, to have website visitors be able to reach out, uh, via tech space communication. Not everyone wants to call in, not everyone wants to schedule a a call, uh, a time to talk with you on the phone. Um, a lot of people wanna be able to reach out through email. Um, but a lot of business owners neglect text message and people, uh, are in becoming increasingly, uh, tolerant of an accepting of, of text message of businesses, texting them.


So open that channel there for them. Have a website, a live chat website widget installed on there. Um, and, and you'll just be able to open up another channel of leads. Uh, number two is, um, uh, mcat, which is Nurture Lee's product, uh, ourself. It's a, it's a virtual business phone number, kinda like a, a bot, a chat bot that will convert your missed calls into clients or into estimate requests. So if a potential client or a potential customer calls in and you're not able to answer it, um, the system will recognize that it was a missed call and recognize that it was a first time caller and say, Hey, this is, uh, for example, Hey, this is custom mades. Uh, I saw that we just missed your call. How can I help that text, text message goes out. And of course, if it's sent to a mobile phone number, we are then able to start the conversation with that prospect that normally we would've lost because we don't text them.


But the key to this all is being able to text them faster than they're able to call the next business faster than anyone else can even reply to them. So we, it's gotta be instant. As soon as the, the system, as soon as it notices that it was a missed call it, then, uh, it will fire off that, that message and save that, that missed opportunity that would be missed opportunity. Uh, third thing is called NAP consistency. Um, it is important how often you take naps during the day. Totally kidding. NAP consistency has to do with name, address, and phone number n a p consistency. We, uh, dove into this on a previous episode, but basically this just

Speaker 2 (02:58):

Means that your company name, your company address, your company phone number, and even the company website are all listed absolutely identically across the entire internet. Even if you have a comma, a colon, an apostrophe, one of those, if one of those are off, it will create an inconsistency. Um, so NAP consistency helps you to gain search engine trust. Um, and when search engines trust you more, you'll rank higher in the search engine results page, resulting in way more, uh, visibility, more exposure, more visitors to your website. Ultimately more leads which turn into estimate requests, which turn into clients or customers, however you refer to that. Um, so these three things, installing a live chat widget on your website, um, purchasing, mcat, having a phone number or a bot, there's ways you could do this for free. Um, but we have a way to do this in that way.


You're set up immediately. You don't have to work at it at all. It's, it's literally pay and it's done, it's ready. Um, uh, we also have the live chat widget, and as well, we offer Yext at an extreme discount to achieve, um, nap consistency. Um, so I wouldn't be talking about these things if I didn't have a solution for you as well. Yes, we can provide a solution for each of these things, but it's not like we're the only ones that can provide this. Uh, we focus on home service companies, uh, cleaning companies, lawn care companies, landscaping companies, that sort of thing. Um, so if that's you, reach out to us. We'd love to help you, um, open the floodgate of, of this opportunity and increase lead volume, get more clients across that finish line, reach out to us. If you need any help, let us know. Have a good one.

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