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015 — Project 37 Is A Success

015 — Project 37 Is A Success

We Set Out To Sign 37 New Recurring Cleaning Clients. We’re At 40 With 25 Days To Spare! 

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So we have officially achieved our project 37 goal for custom mades. Project 37, uh, was a challenge that was running from, or is still running from September 1st to the end of this year, December 31st. So I have all of the new client opportunities tagged as a project 37. Those that qualify for this challenge and see where we're at. I'm pretty sure they got it. So let me count 'em up here. 2 14, 14 plus six is 20 plus, then 19. So we're at 39 for project 37, and I think that there is one more in here that I haven't processed yet.


Yes, so they're at 40 Since September 1st, 40 new recurring clients have been, uh, brought on to custom mades. Now to count them as a recurring client, all they need to do is indicate, Hey, I'm, I'm interested in a weekly, biweekly, or monthly service, um, after their initial one. So a lot of times they'll call in and say, Hey, I'm, I'm looking for a biweekly service. So we put them on an initial clean, which is basically a, a deep clean to start it off. And then we put them on the schedule for their, uh, requested, um, frequency.


Now that I have been tracking this since September, I'm able to quickly see which people are not keeping up with the consistency or the frequency that they set in the beginning. So I will be able to then put in place a way to prompt the, the next visit getting scheduled, whether that's client side or having, uh, our, our, our sales reps reach back out to them or do a little bit of both, because I think that there's, I think you're gonna be able to convert a lot and, and be able to see success with both of those, uh, both of those routes. So very excited that they've crossed the, the 37 goal. Uh, when they first started, when we got through September, I, we were definitely not on pace and so I wasn't sure about the goal. Initially I wanted only 25, um, and I wasn't sure how it was gonna go. And then I said, you know what? No, this, this goal has to feel a little out of reach, but definitely attainable. And they did it. Today's December 6th, it was there at 40. It's been, I, I think December 1st. Easily they were, they, they had crossed that finish line. So a whole month,


A whole month in advance. Um, so I will take that going forward, take that information going forward and see how we can, uh, you know, do it again. I mean, RINs and repeat this. In my opinion, this worked out very well. Um, I can tell already that of the clients, of the recurring clients we've started taking on and started tracking more diligently. We have added 5,000 a month in recurring a revenue. I'm only counting about 17 of those, uh, new clients. I won't count them until they've had their third visit with us. Um, if people are going to cancel, it's going to be right away. So I don't wanna count my chickens before their, before the eggs are hatched and I wanna make sure they get to their third visit, then I will record their monthly, uh, value their estimated monthly value, um, and see and kind of attribute the revenue to the campaign that way. It's just an e like a,


It's not the most accurate way cuz it's not gonna get it right down to the penny or even the dollar, but it's gonna get it close. And give me an idea of, uh, how our monthly recurring revenue is being influenced because then I can go back and check what our bank deposits were. I can check what our job or payments were. I can just, I can see the money that came in at the end of the day, but I, I wanna wait to quickly see the value of the new recurring clients that we're bringing on. Um, again, to me, uh, recurring is the way to go. Um, it's not passive. This is not passive cuz we're still having to put effort into getting it, but it is recurring. We have the same people coming back the next month or the next week or whatever it is saying, Hey, I want you to do what you just did last week. And so we rinse and repeat. Um, it's much easier to operate a business where you just have to find the client one time and then service them over and over and over again. Um, rather than, you know, for example, if you're a a moving company, sure you're gonna make a couple thousand dollars on that move, but you're never gonna see that client again. Most likely inner city moves, like intra city moves or wait, I don't know if that's correct. Intra city. Yeah, intra city moves.


I can see they're gonna how they're gonna hire you again, but it's not recurring in the same sense. It's not like predictable. Um, um, though that's not to say that, uh, cleaning gigs, cleaning jobs are not lucrative. We just had one, uh, close, uh, a fresh start clean for $4,900. Um, more than double our previous high actually. So our, our fresh starts usually run between 1,220 $100, but then this one was 5,000, uh, this client, I should say. So it's like a duplex, um, a move out fresh start, like deep clean of the works, but it's two houses, one client, so basically $2,500 both sides. It's like, it, it needs work. So it's lucrative. They're out there, opportunities are out there, but very excited. We cross this. I haven't officially told them, it's not like this information is locked away for them to see. I just don't know if they know how I'm tracking it all here in Ley Plus it's just in one of the other pipelines. But I think that they stay in the leads pipeline. They don't look in the client's one. Um, but we're at 40 as of today. December 6th. We started September 1st. They don't know quite yet. So, uh, it'll be, it'll be exciting to let 'em know. Anyway, talk to y'all soon. Bye-bye.

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