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017 — First CMC recurring client closed!

017 — First CMC recurring client closed!

Custom Maids, California is off and running

Speaker 1 (00:01):

All right, day two of our custom mades California launch. Uh, today's December 8th, 2022. Yesterday was day one of, uh, having everything actually together. Um, we had been generating leads for quite a bit, um, but now we actually had a cleaner, um, on our team. We were ready to go and start accepting clients, and we actually got our first estimate and our first client, also our first recurring recurring client yesterday, uh, for a weekly service, two hours, uh, $90 per visit. Uh, very exciting. So, uh, I want to go in here into Neutrally Plus and just see if I can find out where, um, this one came from, where this lead came from. So let me check in the contacts and if they were on our website at all, I'll even be able to see where they went before they converted. Um, but it does look like this one was a phone call, Google Ad. I want to say it's local service ads, but I will double check that with, uh, Google's local service ads.


Excuse me. Again, I just like knowing where, uh, the leads are coming from. Um, I can't tell if it's part O C D or if it's, um, just a smart thing to do, I guess. I mean, I do know it is a smart thing to do, to be able to attribute where everything is coming from and be able to double down on your winners and, and kill the losers, basically. Um, but you can, it's really easy to get hung up in the, in tracking of it all. Um, uh, it's easy to paralyze yourself with all the, with all the analyzing you might do. Um, but yeah, this one came from look like a local, yeah, a local service ad came through a phone call. Patricia submitted the lead. It came into Nurture Lee, and then they, let's see. Yep, she wanted, this one actually does not happen very often at our main location, custom mades in Bay City, Michigan.


Um, they will do the estimate virtually or in person and then go back to the office, assemble the quote, and then deliver that to them and then put them on the schedule. Whereas this one here, for our first client in California, they wanted us to come out, do the estimate in clean right then and there, which, hey, I'm not, I'm not against it, because they ended up paying even that day as well. Uh, yesterday, um, the paid invoice came through Jabber, so that, that was definitely exciting. We're, we're in rinse and repeat mode now. Um, excited to see what day two brings, and hopefully I have a better update for you, um, tomorrow. Talk to you soon.

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