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018 — 3 Sales Opportunities Saved With Project Rescue

018 — 3 Sales Opportunities Saved With Project Rescue

One of our favorite ways to increase Estimate Requests without increasing ad spend is via Project #Rescue

Speaker 1 (00:01):

All right, so this project I did last night, I was just playing around last night at Nurture League Plus, um, I'm calling it Project Rescue <laugh>. I have the automation here in front of me and all it does it, it, it, it's fired or it's triggered when we apply the tag rescue to an opportunity, uh, and to rescue in our contacts. I have a smart list that allows me to sort out all of the lost opportunities that are at least six months old and we have not had contact with in at least six months. So when I go through and I apply the tag, uh, rescue, it then fires the following automation first. I have it waiting 15 minutes, um, before taking the next step anyway, just in case it gets improperly added or whatever, that it just creates space to fix any errors that may come up.


After 15 minutes, it adds a note into that opportunity or into that account just to have record of it. It says, uh, we attempted rescue at this time and this date. Then it fires off an email from Jenny that says, Hey, first name. Hey Kyle, are you still looking for a biweekly or monthly cleaning service? By chance? I get a note to follow up with you, but if everything is all taken care of, I apologize. Excuse me, I apologize for the bother. This coffee has made me burp on the last three of these little pods, I think. So I, I apologize for that. Um, so it sends out that email and then, um, also a text message. I should probably actually have it wait so that they're not identical. Um, but then I sent out the text message that says, Hey, first name. This is Jenny Custom Mades in Bay City.


You had some interest in our house cleaning services a while back, and we'd love to get you on the schedule for a biweekly or monthly service if it's still needed. If not, I apologize for the bother. That's it. And then once it's done, it goes and removes the tag. And we've attempted a rescue. It's very simple. It's really, it's just a, it's just a, a three step sequence. It has two messages, one email and one text message. We're not trying to blitz them. It's just a way to get old opportunities, old lost or abandoned opportunities back on. Um, cause we have these people's contact information and it costs us nothing to send a text or an email. So we sent that out. I sent two batches already. Well, I sent three, but only one of them actually got sent cuz I did 'em last night. And I don't have the text

Speaker 2 (02:58):

Or emails going out outside of business hours, just cuz if I apply the tag like at 10:00 PM I don't want them to get texted. I don't want the lead to get texted at 10:00 PM I'd rather it wait till the next day. Um, but I can already see in our conversations here, inly plus. Um, oh, here's another one that got saved. I'll have to go through and, um, double check all of these and see how many, um, are done. But I can, I, I can see that there are three or four that I've already converted from that. Um, so it'll be really excited, uh, really exciting to see how it all turns out and see how many opportunities we can save. Again, this is just super simple inside neutrally. Plus, when we are adding the rescue tag, um, of course you have to have all the automation set up and whatnot, but if this is something you think you'd like for your, uh, cleaning company, reach out. Let us know. We'd be happy to help you get you started. Bye-bye.

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