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019 — Introducing Project Rescue

019 — Introducing Project Rescue (Officially)

One of our favorite ways to increase Estimate Requests without increasing ad spend is via Project #Rescue

Speaker 1 (00:02):

Good Sunday morning this December 18th, 2022. I am back after a week down in Florida and staying a bit off social media, staying offline a little bit,


Not the entire time, but it was still nice to unplug even, uh, for the moments that we were able to down there. It was nice to see the, uh, SpaceX Falcon Nine Rocket Launch the other night too. Just happened to go off right, right by, uh, the resort we were staying at in Cocoa Beach. Um, but today I wanted to talk quickly about Project Rescue. Um, I call a lot of things my projects, and that's really so that I can give it a name and it'll help me organize everything, uh, down from there. So I hop in here to LY Plus and I check out our list of lost opportunities. Actually, I did rename this list of Project Rescue. What this is, this pulls up all of the opportunities that we've had that, that were, that were previously lost, and we have not had communication with them, uh, within six months. So it's been six months since I've reached out to them. I'm able to then apply a tag, which is just, I apply, it's just called Rescue that activates an automation or a workflow, much like what Zapier does. Uh, but this is all inside Neutrally Plus.


And once I apply the Project Rescue Tag first, I have it <laugh>. This is funny. I have it wait 15 minutes, uh, just in case it gets incorrectly applied or whatever. There's time to go in there and, and fix that error. After that 15 minutes is up, it automatically records a note that just says Attempted Rescue, and it gives it a timestamp. Then it sends an email from, uh, Jenny just, uh, reaching out. Uh, they're u a lot of people, uh, will open the email, but not necessarily reply. They, then we have it wait another seven minutes, and the reply comes from the text message that goes out. Uh, some people we don't have phone numbers for, let alone mobile numbers for, so there are some replies that come through the email. It's just not as many in comparison to text message for obvious reasons.


So we reach out and just say, Hey, this is Jenny with Custom Maids in Bay City. Like we address 'em with their first name. Um, you had some interest in our house cleaning services a while back, and we'd love to get you on the schedule for a biweekly or monthly service if it's still needed. If, if not, I apologize for the bother. Some people, uh, will cr they will advise differently on, on that closing there. I say, if not, I apologize for the bother. I don't want to frankly piss anyone off when I'm reaching out to them. I'm, I'm trying to say like, Hey, we're here if you need us, let us know type of a thing. But I'm kind of still making that ask and I get very specific by saying, we'd love to get you on a schedule for a biweekly or monthly service.


Not just say, Hey, do you want your house cleaned? Because I, at the end of the day, I want them on as recurring. So Project Rescue started with 214 contacts. I've already started running a few through. I'm not sure how many actually, uh, finished. I think we had probably, gosh, the first day we ran it, I only put through 60 contacts and we had, I think we booked seven estimates, uh, from that. So the people in your CRMs, the old leads that you think are not <laugh> valuable, they are, and they're probably going to convert much better at a much higher rate than you would from any other lead, whether it's paid ads or, uh, you're buying from a lead vendor. So, uh, if you have a CRM for one thing, great, uh, go back through and comb through that sucker and find all those opportunities that you lost previously.


Then find the ones that you have not spoken to within six months so you can reach out to them confidently and, and offer your services. Maybe things have changed now when they're ready to go. Um, it works incredibly well. Obviously with LY plus, this is done all in a snap, but you don't need the, this software to be able to do it. You just gotta find a way to string together all like your automations to make sure those messages go out on time and at the, uh, on the days that you, you want it to. Uh, for example, I don't ever, um, send out a text message on a Sunday unless the lead has re requested information on that day. Um, it's a follow, if it's a follow up or whatever. Um, I, we, I almost never have any, um, automations going out on the weekend, but that's to, that's personal preference. Um, if we were open on the weekends, yes, I would have those going cuz then I know that they're monitored. Um, but we're not. So I would rather just, I keep stuff within business hours as much as possible. Again, unless that person or that lead is the one that requests it. So Project Rescue working pretty well so far. I have, let's see how many we've got left?


108. Let's put 20 of 'em through right now. Rescue Add. Okay. 20 more or 20 more? Yeah, 20 more went through just now. Uh, we'll see what happens. I usually can tell, um, the conversations tab, um, and whatnot. But I'll have an update for this sometime next month. We'll go get through all of these contacts and, um, see what we can pull up. Anyway, hope you have the best day. Talk to y'all soon. Bye-bye.

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