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021 — 2023 Revenue Goal, $910,000 USD

021 — 2023 Revenue Goal, $910,000 USD

Without A Goal, We Won’t Know What We’re Aiming For. So Here It Is For 2023.

Speaker 1 (00:03):

So I have updated the 2023, um, revenue goal for Custom MAs. Again, those of you that don't know, custom MAs is a residential cleaning company that I operate from North Carolina in mid-Michigan. Um, last year we did five and 2021. We did $599,000, uh, the whole year. This year, uh, I project we are, I mean, it's December, we're very close. I anticipate, uh, between 740 and $750,000, uh, in gross revenue. But we'll see how that finally shakes out. Uh, this last month here could potentially be the first month. We break 70,000 in, in a month. Um, and I can tell that our sh uh, the sheer number, the volume of visits is, is going way up. Um, last month in November, we, uh, completed 478 visits. And in December, I'm projecting, uh, 562. And that 5 62 number is well above any other, uh, number we've had, uh, for monthly completed visits.


And I would attribute that success directly to Project 37. Um, we've soaked up 30 to 40, nearly 50 new recurring clients. Um, they gotta go somewhere, <laugh> on the calendar, and I think it's starting to show, and this is, um, very, very exciting, uh, uh, for me to see this right away, to see this, um, coming in so quickly. It's just, it's, it's really validating that it's, it's all worked out. Um, getting me very excited for 2023. Uh, but our new revenue goal is, uh, we're setting our sites on $910,000, uh, per year. I get that number. Um, just be, just based off of like what's a, uh, a reasonable, uh, a target. Nothing outlandish, nothing extravagant, nothing egregious. From 2020 to 2021, we grew 23.9%. And if our, my projection holds for this year, according from last year, we would have grown an additional 25.6% in order for me to get, for us.


Excuse me. Whenever I say me, I, I, I'm talking about the entire team. It's just, I, I'm the only one here, uh, speaking into my phone right now. But if we adjust this target goal to, uh, go up another 20% to increase another 20%, that puts us in the range of $910,000. Um, and I have every intention of getting to $1 million by 2023, um, excuse me, on pace for that. So what I mean, just a, a million dollars gross revenue divided by 12, that takes us to $83,333 and 33 cents. I would like to be averaging, I'd like

Speaker 2 (02:58):

To be, be hitting that number by this time next year. I would like custom mates to be averaging or on pace $83,000 a month this time next year. Um, I think there's plenty of time to do it. I think this is an incredibly reasonable goal. Um, even so, I'd rather have the team confidence than, than worry about if, did I, did I aim too low? Uh, or not like that. Like if, if, if, if what I set out to do happens, what more can you ask for? You're getting what you asked for. So nothing happens, uh, except through God himself. And by the grace of God, go I, in all my decisions and every action I do from here forth, nothing happens without him. So I can do all this planning and projecting and forecasting. At the end of the day, I'm just a mere human.


I am just a, a a I I am just a dust mite in the grand scheme of things. But I am having a hell of a time playing business here and growing this company and, and, and in providing a great product to our clients. Um, project 37, huge success. Like I talked about in the last video, um, I can just see the 900, $910,000 this next year, 2023 saying this, putting it out there so that it happens. And I hope that there is someone here that is listening to this episode that holds, that will hold me accountable personally. Um, the way you can do that is just reach out and ask where we're at for the year, depending on whenever you listen to this. Um, of course, if we haven't, <laugh> started 2023, yet, I'm not gonna have any numbers for you. But if you reach out, I will share those candidly with you. Um, cause I know they help. I know that we're learning a lot of things, um, that can help out a lot of other people who want to, who want to start their own cleaning business or, or just grow theirs. So let me know, let us know. Look forward to hearing from you guys. Talk to you soon. Bye-bye.

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