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022 — The Upsells & Cross Sells We Want In 2023

022 — The Upsells & Cross Sells We Want In 2023

We’re Setting Out To Increase Our Client Lifetime Value. Here’s How.

Speaker 1 (00:01):

Good Monday morning, December 19th, 2022 after a brutal exit for my fantasy football playoffs. I'm excited to get back at it this week, back to more of, more of the reality of it all and building, uh, a strong, healthy cleaning company. So, uh, today, I, um, I'm noodling on some, uh, some of the upsells we're gonna be pushing in, in 2023. Um, these are primarily, uh, most importantly, they're, they're gonna be for the, our current clients. I don't want to complicate the acquisition process we have in place right now. I think we can expand upon it soon. Um, but I think if we start adding in a bunch of options and choices to the cleaning package itself, it will make the buying decision more difficult for that prospect. And ultimately, I want it to be the easiest decision and the quickest decision that they've made. So I don't want to tamper with the acquisition process we have in place.


So that leaves, uh, room for upselling, cross-selling, whatever you want to call it, to the current clients. And this is gonna be, uh, in my opinion, really easy to do because we're there in these clients' houses every day, scr, I'm sorry, every week or every other week. So we know, um, a little bit about what they need. So, for example, one thing I'm working on is, uh, the rainbow cleaning system. We have a couple of these, these, um, systems already. Um, but I wanna hit on disinfecting, uh, things like a mattress, a chair, loveseat, and a couch. Um, from the fulfillment standpoint, it's very simple. Um, but the client gets it. It's a big deal to the client, you know what I mean? Um, getting this stuff disinfected like once a year, maybe four times a year, every quarter would be, um, a smart thing to, to offer. So that's what we're noodling on today. Um, our annual planning is coming up in three days. Uh, I'm just adding this stuff to the document I have for that and looking for ways to increase, um, the number of transactions between us and our clients. And of course, I say transaction, I don't mean it as just a transactional relationship. Um, we don't force any of those transactions, so they're doing it happily. Um, and if

Speaker 2 (02:58):

We, we can increase the frequency of that, well, we've unlocked more, uh, even more cheat codes to the business. So if you, if you have been thinking that you might want to add, offer some add-ons to your own cleaning product, your cleaning service, like you're a product, I say it's a weekly cleaning service, that's a product in a sense, even though it is a service. Um, if you wanna add more to that and increase your client lifetime value and perhaps increase the number of transactions between your client, each client and, and yourself and your company, reach out. Happy to help. Hope you have the best day, and we will talk to you very, very soon. Bye-bye.

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