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023 — Be Most Specific When Running Facebook (Paid) Ads To Get Residential Cleaning Clients

023 — Be Most Specific When Running Facebook (Paid) Ads To Get Residential Cleaning Clients

If you try to speak to everyone, you’ll speak to no one. If you speak to 1, you speak to 1,000

Speaker 1 (00:01):

So if you're running Facebook ads to, to find more of your residential cleaning clients, one of my biggest pieces of advice would be to be more specific in those ads. So the ultimate goal is to drive estimate requests you want to drive leads, but I mean, an estimate request is more valuable than a lead. So the ultimate goal is to drive those estimate requests. If you're doing that with Facebook ads, instead of putting on there just something like, Hey, uh, reach out to us if you're interested in a cleaning service. A cleaning service can mean, uh, a broad range of different things. It can mean a move out service. Someone's moving, uh, out of town or out of state, whatever, or they're, uh, a move-in service. Maybe they're, or like a new construction type deal where, um, the construction company will then hire you to make sure that their houses are s spec and spanned before the new owners come in.


Or you have someone who is specifically looking for weekly help or weekly service. You're going to speak different to each of those people when you're trying to sell that product or that package or service. So imagine if they're sitting in front of you and someone, you had two people. One person needed a move out service, and the other one needed a a weekly service, or they were looking for it, you're going to have completely different conversations with each of those. And so that applies even in marketing. And what people seem to forget, um, in marketing is that it's still on the other side of that mo more times than not. Now, on the other side of that screen is still another human, is still another person. So while you're running ads and from the ad platform perspective, you just see numbers and KPIs, key performance indicators, it's still a person. Um, on the other end, you're still having a conversation with that person. So being more specific with your messaging, with your Facebook ads, being more specific is gonna help you everywhere. To be honest, I'm just, I'm just picking on Facebook ads right now because you're, you're paying for that. And so it'll have a direct impact on your roi, like immediate. So if you're more specific, you're going to then resonate and, and hit on certain emotions

Speaker 2 (03:00):

In and key drivers of that person, uh, for them to then take that action to either call you or fill out the form and, uh, request officially. Request an estimate. So, biggest piece of advice running Facebook ads or if you're running any, I mean Facebook ads, most importantly because it's interruption marketing and you, and you can do more there. Google ads there, that's more straightforward. It's like just be as sp like as, as clear as possible there. Um, but be specific with your Facebook ads. If you are trying to put an emphasis on weekly, biweekly, or monthly recurring services, call those out individually. You should have three different ads running. One that calls out weekly, one that calls out biweekly or every two weeks, whatever you call it, and one that calls out the monthly cleaning service. Or if you're just doing move outs or onetime cleans or um, spring cleaning, stuff like that, call out the specific cleaning so that you can then speak on that specific topic because then it will resonate, um, much harder with, with your audience and with your prospects. They will reach out. They will reach out. So be specific. As always, if you have any questions about this, reach out. Always happy to help. Have the best day talk to you soon.

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