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024 — Setting The Goal Is Half The Battle

024 — Setting The Goal Is Half The Battle

If you don’t set a goal, how will you ever know when you’ve achieved success?

Speaker 1 (00:01):

Good. Beautiful Tuesday morning, December 27th, 2022. We just had our annual planning, uh, meeting, conference, whatever you want to call it. Um, last Thursday, and I know I hit on some of our targets, uh, some of our goals that, that we're aiming for, for 2023. Um, some of them have been revised since that meeting and wanted to go over, uh, some of these and kind of get them out there, uh, put them into the universe and, and make sure, make absolutely sure that they happen. So for 2023, custom mades, the main office, not custom mades, California, this is one, is in Bay City, Michigan. There are four high level targets we need to hit. Before, I believe the revenue goal was $910,000 for the year. We have revised that to 920,000. Um, and that is because our average, um, we want to start getting to about 600 visits per month. Um, and if I, let me see, six 15, it was, if I do that, that takes us to oof. Okay, well, if we were to hit our average of six 15 visits a month, um, now of course we're not there yet. I would just like to be,


It does say average here, <laugh> on the sheet, but I mean, I would like to be at 615 visits per month by, um, this fall or like August, um, September, October, I would say start averaging the 1600 and vi six, 615 visits per month there. I know we're not gonna get it January, February, March, but we need to start aiming towards that. If we were to hit this six 15 mark averaging out our cost per visit, we would hit about $83,000 per month, very close to the million dollar mark. So that would put us above our $920,000 revenue goal. Um, so these aren't exactly in sync. I, um, I bumped up the revenue target from this last year. If we're just trying to grow at about a 20% rate, um, the visits per month, we, that is a bit of a stretch. I know, I think last month we did so well, I guess in December, 2022, we're not fully, uh, closed out yet, but let me see.


So I would anticipate it's gonna be like 495 visits that we're gonna end up with. So I want to increase it by about 120 more, um, per month by the end of this year. And of course, to do that, we need some cleaning crews. So I, I, we have it on here to also add, uh, four cleaning crews. I, I, ideally we'd like six, but we're gonna start with four. Um, and one crew is one crew leader and at least one cleaner. Usually it's one crew leader with two cleaners. Uh, so three people total, uh, per one crew. But if we had one crew lead and one cleaner that would, you know, so we can start servicing, uh, even more clients. Um, there's gonna be, uh, a balance of growing the employees, the, the team while we grow the, the visit count, the monthly visit count, um, can be real good at client acquisition, but if you can't find, uh, good, reliable employees, it's, it's quite tough to grow.


So we needed to have both of those emphasis, both emphasis on those. And, um, I believe we will get there if we close 25 new opportunities per month. Ideally, I would like about 20 to 21, I'd say 19 to 21 recurring clients per month. And then we'll have some one time deep cleans come through. Um, but 25 new one opportunities per month, I believe would put us on well above pace, um, to hit our goal. And I think half the battle is just setting the goal, um, chewing on what you really want to do going forward, taking a look on what you did in the last year, in the last few years, and coming up with an a reasonable target that also, it makes you stretch a little bit. Um, that's kind of what my mentality was for custom a here I'm not looking to grow at, you know, a hundred, 200%.


This isn't a software company. It's a, it's a local home services company. And if we focus on slow, consistent, you know, the gradual increases, the gradual growth, it's going to be really tough for a competitor to beat us. Now, if we go balls to the wall trying to grow at exorbitant rates, we, we open ourselves up to, uh, a lot more risk. Um, but if we take our time and we hit our calculated goals, I, it's really hard for me to envision, uh, another company, especially in that area, beating us. Um, they'd have to be a franchise type company with, with, with big pockets. I, I don't think that there is a company like ours in, in our area in Bay City, Michigan. Um, we are just quite big for being, um, a non-franchise basically. Um, so it's quite impressive in my opinion. I'm really proud of every single person, um, there.


I mean, it's, it's, it's really, it's awe-inspiring. What, what can happen when, when everyone works together and, and you set the goal and then everyone knows what the goal is so that they know what to do each day to hit that goal. So I don't know if you're going to hear this, read this, see this wherever before the new year. But if you do, even if you don't set a goal for yourself for the next 12 months, how many recurring clients do you wanna sign? How many new clients do you wanna sign per month? What is the total revenue goal you want to hit at the end of the year? And, you know, how many visits per month do you want to hit? Start with those. You'll be able to reverse engineer exactly what you want. But if you also start with the visits, if you start filling up your calendar and start growing your team, the money is gonna come.


The biggest thing is just not undervaluing yourselves. People are flocking to us at $45 per hour, per labor hour. So if we have two cleaners go out to a house and they work one hour, that's $90. So $90 an hour, $45 per hour per cleaner is what folks are willing to pay. There's a ton of room to make sure that your cleaners are well taken care of. You can do good work and build a solid company. Set the goal. It's half the battle. If you do it, you're 20, 23 or your next 12 months will be huge. And if you ever get stuck and if you ever need any help, never hesitate to reach out here. Let us know. We'll talk to you soon.

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