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027 — Custom Maids VP Sales, Client Relations Expectations For 2023

027 — Custom Maids VP Sales, Client Relations Expectations For 2023

Discussing what’s expect of the Custom Maids VP Sales, Client Relations this coming year

Speaker 1 (00:01):

Good Wednesday morning, December 28th, 2022. I am not sure if I actually went through all of this, um, but I have my document here. Um, for our goals for, uh, 2023 for custom a, I know I had talked about the high level KPIs. Um, the $920,000 in revenue. We want to aim for 25 new one opportunities in a month. Um, we also want to get up to 615 visits per month. To do that, we're gonna need to add between four and six cleaning crews and, uh, cleaning crew can be one crew lead and one cleaner or two cleaners. Most of the time it's one crew lead and two cleaners. Um, but if we had one crew lead and one cleaning technician, um, in my opinion, that's pretty good crew. <laugh>, of course, if they do good work. Um, so going through some of the expectations for this year, I have the CEO position, my sister Katie, she will be focusing on the, uh, top line revenue, um, the client's overall and, uh, hr, human resources.


Um, she'll also be taking over the commission tracking that I have been doing that. We, we started, we implemented that like in September, uh, 2022, so only a few months, but I think that that should be in the role of, of someone in the office there. Um, I'll have oversight of it just because it is quite important, but the day-to-day stuff of the commission tracking and just staying on top of that should be handled, uh, at that location. Um, as well as the leads, we just gotta make sure that we are, uh, delivering the estimates as quickly as humanly possible, and prospects aren't sitting in the pipeline, uh, for too long. So if they come in as a new lead, just send out a text message that says, um, Hey, would you prefer an in-person estimate request, or excuse me, an in-person estimate or a virtual estimate, um, that will then start the conversation.


They'll reply with one or the other, and then you take it from there. Um, but all of that can be automated, so we have that going out, but we want to, um, we need to have human, human hands on this. Um, so just keep an i, we want her keeping an eye on the conver the conversations just to make sure there's not anything really unread in there. And if there is something that needs attention, she can either handle it herself or just, uh, let Jenny know. Um, Jennifer, I'm used to calling her Jenny, but I know her name is Jennifer. So I, I prefer to call people by their, by their birth names in a professional setting, um, and not just assume that it's okay for me to call her Jenny, even though it always has been, but I, I'm not, not really sure. <laugh>, same thing with, uh, Patricia.


I've always known her as Patty, um, my CEO for Custom Mates California. And, um, I've, I've started calling her Patricia in ev in every sense in the professional setting. Um, back to this one though, uh, for my sister Katie, after hours, um, messages come in. I just want her keeping an eye on those. Um, not all of 'em need the reply. Uh, it's okay if a co if a text goes unanswered in there, depending on what they're, what it's about. Um, if it's someone who's inquiring about an estimate, I do not care what time of day they, um, texted us. I would love to be able to respond, even if it's in the middle of the night, we won't send that message in the middle of the night unless they initiate it though. Um, oh, okay. So I have a bullet here. The automated text message that goes out four minutes after a new lead comes in where I asks them if they want an in-person estimate request or estimate, sorry, or virtual who did it again. Um, that's just so Katie, uh, knows what it looks like. Um, let see. Here's another one.


Jennifer should have control of the conversation by the time they're in the estimate book stage. Okay. Alicia is to handle all of the interviewing, hiring, and firing from here on out. She is, um, responsible for growing a healthy team, uh, as well. We'll get into that, uh, on the next one, next video. We're just talking about the CEO level expectations right now. Uh, as far as cancellations I have on here, whenever someone calls in to cancel, do whatever you must do in order to save the client. Of course, if it's reasonable, like if Katie deems it them to be a, a, a subpar client or it's unreasonable, just let it go. If we want to save it, do whatever you can to save it. If, if we have to refund that visit in term in hopes of saving future 10 visits, go ahead and do it.


Um, so I have here, if a client is recurring, offer that a hundred percent refund on that service if they are not recurring. So if it's like a one time deep clean or whatever and they have an issue offer up to, I should underline that up to, excuse me, 50% off in order to save, uh, our reputation, our name, it's never worth it. Otherwise, if the invoice is greater than $500, then they're gonna email me. Or also, uh, I also want to have Katie meeting with Alicia twice a month to update the team ratings, um, just so that she can make informed decisions, um, in the future. With regards to the technicians and, and the team, um, Alicia has more authority over them. So Katie does need to be in the know, having this team ratings meeting, uh, twice a month will, will help keep them in the loop. And then we have our nurtury plus tasks and click up tasks. Ly plus tasks are really only ever used for leads, clients in workforce, like opportunities. Click up is for complex tasks and the business as a whole. Um,


Everyone should be glancing at the neutrally plus tasks daily. The click up space will be used just by Katie, my sister, and myself. Um, this is to keep us more organized on things that we've got going on because email works, <laugh> threaded emails work well. Um, but then resurfacing that stuff and being able to find that stuff is kind of clunky. So I really like click up for this. Um, it is gonna be new for her and it's gonna take some time to get used to for sure. Um, but we're not gonna rush it and, um, it'll be worth it. We just need to start using it. So those are kind of the expectations in, um, ideas I guess that I have for the CEO position for custom mades with the intention of achieving every one of these goals. I believe that if all of this is done even like 80%, well we'll get there. We do a lot of things exceptionally well, but we always have a lot of room for improvement. And one of the room, one of the biggest areas is the process in which we convert a lead into a client. I think we convert about 38% of total leads. Um, we convert about 49% of the estimates we deliver. Um,


So that tells me that two things we can, we have room to increase our pricing a touch, and that we, uh, are not getting in touch with, uh, enough of our leads fast enough. So we are using automation that's already set up, but automation can only get you so far. That's where we just need the culture of speed to the lead and doing great work, making sure our clients are happy. 2023 is gonna be awesome. 2022 is incredible. Um, we're just gonna keep plugging away. I know there's a recession on the horizon, but we're gonna put our heads down and we're gonna keep at it. We have no other choice.

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