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028 — How To Get Cleaning Leads With Hotel Savings Card Offer(s

028 — How To Get Cleaning Leads With Hotel Savings Card Offer(s)

How to completely stand out from your competitors

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So we've laid out our 2023 goals. We've delivered our expectations. We've set up the K P I dashboard, and we let them know that once these goals are hit,


They will have earned if, uh, if a, a whole paid vacation from the company. We have a bunch of, uh, different destinations that they can choose from ultimately. So like they're not, they can choose it now, they don't need to. Um, but it definitely would help motivate to know, um, where you might be able to go. So, as I was talking about before, the company overall, just for the sake of the company needs to be hitting around, it needs to hit 920,000 and we want to reach for 615 visits per month. We're at high 400 s right now. Um, so getting to six 15 and averaging six 15 really is not likely to happen this year, but I would like to be at that 600, 6 15 mark, um, at some point around two thirds of the way through this year, three quarters of the way. And, um, that's where, that's where I'd like to be. But overall, if we hit 6,500 total visits for the year, that would be sufficient. So 6,500 divided by 12 is 5 41. Um, and if we average that through the whole year, I would deem that as a, the success there. So our revenue goal and our visits goal should be hit. Now


We have something a little extra along with it, and it's that vacation incentive. So the goals for these, they need to get one of these two, the first one, and the first way they can get it, the quickest way they can achieve this, and they, the two win, Jennifer and Alicia both win. If this is achieved, if we are able to sign 72 weekly cleaning clients in all of 2023, they'll get the vacation. Weekly is our least popular service, um, but is the most lucrative. You're just in their house more often, right? So we want to incentivize that upgrade, but if the 72 weekly doesn't happen, we must hit 252 total recurring. So I would say like if we had 25 clients, there are three that are weekly and then


13 that are biweekly, and 11, I don't know if I did that math right. If we had 25 clients, three would be weekly, take us down to 22. So then we'd have 12 biweekly and 10 monthly or something like that. That's kind of like how our whole book of business is broken down. So I want to pump up that the, the weekly frequency and it's just, they're, they're worth more, uh, revenue. So if we get our 72, they are, they, they earn a paid vacation, paid week off, paid vacation as well, um, with their, uh, spouse, partner plus one, and they can go to any of these, any of the following. Las Vegas, Nevada, Charleston and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Colorado Springs and Denver, Colorado. And then Florida. We have Daytona Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Orlando.


Then we have, for California, there's Lake Tahoe and San Diego. I lived out in the Central Valley of California, uh, for about five years. I've never made it to Tahoe. Um, still would like to, to be honest. I might have to just gift myself one of those vacations. Um, so then we also have Galveston, Texas. We have the Grand Canyon, new Orleans, Nashville. And then last lastly is, uh, Honolulu, Hawaii. So if we get our 72, they get a vacation this year. So Project 37 resulted in a, um, they are able to start accruing paid time off now. So in 2023, they will have earned one week of paid vacation for achieving, uh, the project 37 goal, and then this year to pile on. They also get the week of vacation from here on out going forward. Um, but then they'll also get the actual vacation.


Um, they're stoked. They're, they're super excited about this and I really feel like that just set the tone for 2023 for us in, in custom mades. I'm, I'm very, very excited to see what happens. I know it's gonna, I, I, I know it's gonna blow the roof off the place. And with custom mades California, uh, coming on as well, there's just a lot of good, a lot of good happening. Um, and, and lastly, what I wanted to touch on as a way for us to, um, really ramp up lead generation, lead volume, you need a way to differentiate yourself. So if you're just o like offering a free consultation or a free in-home estimate or something like that, like offering a free estimate isn't like, it is an offer, it is a call to action, but it's not strong enough because literally everyone else does it.


Literally everyone else does it. The, the phrase free estimates co like came about because home service companies were charging to go out and do these estimates. And then some, an enterprising individual came along and says, you know what? Fuck that. I'm gonna, these are all free. These should be free. And yes, they should be free. Like to pay for an estimate is just, is simply wild. Uh, to me, I didn't grow up in a time where really those existed. So like offering the free estimate is like a bare minimum. Um, of course I can think of some industries where the estimate is actually, um, is actually costly like that. But for residential, for house cleaning, like no, just go deliver the estimate. If they, if they want it, they want it. If they don't, they don't like you, you really don't need to spend too much time selling a house like the house cleaning service, cuz people will, there are enough folks out there who want it by their own doing so they'll, they're happy and they're excited and they're willing to pay.


So to differentiate, we are unrolling Hope Hotel savings cards, um, or they're kind of like hotel cash credits, just a little card that you get. But basically it's treated like cash that you can, um, stay at a hotel for cheaper than the public can. You'd get access to, uh, the website through our partner. And then you have a hundred dollars that you can use to buy down the cost of a hotel wherever you want to go. Um, it, it's, it's valid at over a million hotels and resorts, Hilton, Marriott, holiday Inn, Hyatt, Ritz, Carlton, Hampton, Ramada, Ramada, sorry, <laugh>, four Seasons, all those, uh, plus you can use it on, uh, your rental cars and, um, travel excursions, um, rental car companies like Avis, Alamo, budget, enterprise, thrifty, all that. So offering these to our leads costs us nothing. Um, we have a membership fee that we pay, uh, as part of this group, but we, uh, to give out these out individual, like to give out a hundred dollars in hotel savings cards or hotel cash credits, costs me $0 to do that over and over and over again outside of the small monthly fee.


And then I can give, we can give a hundred dollars, 200, 300 up to $500 in hotel savings, um, for our potential clients. So if someone is interested in a house cleaning service and they are considering an estimate, the fact that we offer a ho a hundred dollars hotel savings card, all but guarantees that we will at least be given that opportunity to provide the estimate. Um, we, not saying we will win the client, but, or win the opportunity, but we will have at least gotten the chance. And at the end of the day, that's what it comes down to. The more chances, the more at bats, you can give yourself the higher go. I mean, that's, that's with anything like sales. The more conversations you have, the more sales you'll make, the more you go to the gym, the better you'll feel, the stronger you'll be. So offer something in addition to your free estimate. You don't have to do hotel savings cards, <laugh>. If you do re you could reach out to me. I'll, I'll hook you up. I'll let you know where we get 'em from and well not gonna hide anything there. Of course. I mean, these were like,


It, it's, it's so nice. If you wanted to do something else though, one thing that comes, uh, that pops into my mind is we might actually use this now that I think about it. Like, somehow test the air quality in their house.


And you can say like, oh, it's, you know, this is the air quality. It's not as good every time. We'll come in clean. We'll also bring our air purifier or something like that. So you can add on to the service. We charge $45 an hour. So let's say if we bring our purifier, we'll just tack on like four or $5 an hour to the cost. And then we'll say, Hey, this is like your purification. Um, we don't do that yet. Uh, I'm saying we might, um, it could also just be like a fixed cost to add on, not add on to the hourly rate or anything, but like to get them to, to purify their homes. I mean,


You're having more of an impact on them, but you're also increasing the, uh, client lifetime value, uh, of your clients. So huge wins. There're huge, it makes a lot of business sense to be able to expand your services like that. And if you have an air purifier running, it's not like, I mean, that can go while you're, while you're cleaning. It's, you're doing two things at once and your clients will love you for it. If you bring that up to them without them having to ask, they will feel as if you ha you truly do have their best interest at heart. And, uh, the, the business, the the client relationship will reflect that. So make sure to differentiate yourself


From your competitors. Find a way to stick out from all of the other cleaning companies offering their free in-home estimates or free virtual estimates. Give them something else. And it doesn't even have to be big. It doesn't have to be anything wild, it just has to be different so that you can cut through the noise. That's what we're doing for custom aides. That's what you can do for yourself. Offer these hotel savings cards if you want. You do not have to, but if you do, reach out. Leave a comment below email, do whatever you gotta do. Get in touch with us, get in touch with me, we'll hook you up. Talk to you soon.

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