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Passive Income Idea To Get Your Firs $1k

Passive Income: An Idea To Get Your First $1k

It’s safe to say everyone would rather make money while they sleep instead of toiling 8 hours each day, 5 times (or more) per week.

I do love a steady (and increasing) income, but, personally, I cannot stand working under someone else. So, I needed to find another way to give me that *security* but allowed me to play in an area where wage/salary limits don’t exist.

This article is going to lay out exactly how you can get yourself on the path to financial freedom by way of passive income… just like I did.

Whether you’re already playing the game of entrepreneurship or not, I believe you’ll find a truckload of value. 😎

Please know these two things before reading on

  1. That this is just one of about a million different ways to hit your first $1k in MRR (monthly recurring income).
  2. And that I am, by no means, a financial advisor. I’m sharing my opinions here to give you the freedom to craft your own.

Do NOT ever take a single piece of Internet *advice* as truth until you’ve done your own due-diligence.

With that being said, let’s rock. 😈

Who This Is Best For

This is best for anyone who wants to take control of their f*cking life. There’s no better way to secure your financial future than building things that grow your recurring income.

You could do this even if this is your first day on a computer.

But this is most lucrative for people who know what ClickFunnels is but missed out on their affiliate marketing gold rush.

I say most lucrative here because these folks understand what they missed out on. And they’ve had conversations with themselves and said “if I ever come across an opportunity like this again, I’m grabbing it by the f*cking throat”

The opportunity

You’re selling the lifeblood of every single business within 50 miles of your home address

And it takes way less energy than you think.

I think we can both agree that 99% of businesses would completely fail if their pool of potential customers dried up.

There’s a glaring hole in almost every business within 50 miles of your home address.

This is enormous opportunity.

Every smart business owner will invest a dedicated amount into marketing/advertising, right?

And every smart business owner has some kind of website online right now.

Every day, people come to this website and check out the company.

Even the best business websites only convert visitors at a 2–4% clip.

(Dedicated landing pages can convert 40%+ though)

What this really means is that businesses miss out on about 98% of the opportunity that comes to their website!

They’ve already done everything right to get those potential customers there!

They’ve put in all that effort and they’re still missing out on 98% of the revenue opportunity that’s right under their nose.

You can help them tap into this new lead source immediately.

If you share this with business owners and tell them to install live chat software on their website, you’ll immediately unlock an entirely untapped source of sales leads. Most importantly, you’ll start making them more money. That’s why people are in business. They want to make more profit. Every single business owner does. 😎

If you don’t know what live chat software is, go to this page and look on the bottom right of the screen.

If you unlock this untapped goldmine, you’re gonna make them a sh*t ton of money.

If you do that, you will make a sh*t ton of money.

I can teach you how to install it in less than 10 minutes, it’s that simple. I’ve got you. 💪🏼

Why businesses are willing to pay big money for this

This is where your real opportunity is hiding

Folks pour their blood, sweat, and tears into growing their businesses. You’ll oftentimes hear them refer to our businesses as our “babies” (metaphorically, ofc).

If you can help someone’s child, you come from a position of power. I don’t mean power in a bad way at all, but you have the power to literally improve their businesses thus improving their lives.

People throw their credit cards at you when you can immediately solve a painful problem.

NOT tapping into this source of hot, fresh leads is a major problem!

You came here today not realizing the power you could have tomorrow if you decided to do this today.

I can show you exactly — in about 10 minutes — I could show you how to do all of this and profit tomorrow if you’re willing to grab your life by the throat. 💪🏼

Really, this is all you have to do

Just tell local businesses about this incredible software

Once you’ve got someone interested, you send them a very specific link (this is called your affiliate link).

If they end up buying the software, you will get 40% of the commission.

This commission is not only paid out one time, though. You will continue to earn that 40% every single month for life (as long as their account is still active).

All you’re doing is telling a local business owner about this incredible software that they so desperately need.

You’re not a slimy lead generator either.

Yes, you’re generating leads… but you’re helping that business owner capture the revenue opportunity that ALREADY EXISTS on his or her website!


You’re helping them capture them!

How great is that???

You’re helping their marketing investment go further because they’re now able to squeeze more profit out of their website.

Lead Generation Analysis

Our live chat software will generate more leads from the website visitors you already worked so hard to get. Take this free analysis to see how many more leads you would generate each month.

Get Results

The numbers

How much you have to sell

This software product costs each business owner $97 per month.

Remember, you get 40%

40% of $97 is exactly $38.80.

$1,000 per month divided by $38.80 = 25.77

Round that up to sweet ol 26 customers.

You can sell this to literally any business who wants more revenue/profit/money.

It’s so easy.

If you’re willing to help yourself out and go get these 26 customers, I will do everything I can to help make sure you stay consistent with this. I will help hold you accountable until you get to $1k. And when you get to $1k, you’re gonna want to go for $10k. So let’s f*cking get it. 😎

There are 2 levels above this though…

  • $297 per month
  • $497 per month

If you upsell someone on this, your commission gets automatically upgraded too. Plenty of ways to increase your own customer lifetime value even as an affiliate marketer!

If you think $97 per month is too expensive

Consider a personal injury lawyer.

They’re willing to spend $500+ per click on Google ads in some locations. PER CLICK.

They’re willing to spend 5x your software cost on a single click.

I think you’ll have no problem selling this to lawyers. But there are hundreds of other industries you can target. If you need any help, just reach out. Remember, I’ve got you. 💪🏼

If you still think $97 per month is too expensive…

You’re in for a treat if you read this paragraph

This live chat software that you’ll be selling…

The same software that business owners will SALIVATE over…

BUT… the live chat software is just 1 of the 19 total softwares that they also get access to for only $97 per month.

It gets better

You’re not only selling live chat software. You have 19 other marketing, sales, and lead generation softwares that also come along with this $97 per month subscription.

However, you don’t even need to let them know about this yet. Just sell them on the live chat and you’ll be golden. You can use these other softwares to sweeten the deal if needed. 🤑

JUST SELL the live chat to keep it as simple as possible for yourself and put yourself on the quickest path to $1k per month in passive income.

If you do this though, be patient.

Don’t expect to hit this overnight.

Or next week.

Or even next month.

Even if it took 8 months to do this, I promise you’d be exorbitantly grateful you made the decision to act today. The time is never right for anything. You need to grab your life by the throat and take your action.

I’ve got you, my friend. 💪🏼

How to get started

And hit your first $1k month

First, you need to get your affiliate link.

Without it, the system won’t be able to track your referred purchases. (And you’ll never earn a dime).

No need to purchase anything to get rocking with this either.

It’s best to always fully understand what you’re selling before you sell it, but I’m not going to be the moral police about that here lol. This is an incredibly amazing software that I personally sell. I see people salivate over it every. single. day.

This is your second step

Ok, we did the math earlier.

You need 26 customers who are willing to spend $97 per month in order to capture more leads that are already on their website.

The first thing you need to do in order to get these 26 is figure out who you’re gonna target.

Keep it stupid simple for now.

Just make a list of all the business owners that you personally know.

Once that’s exhausted, start making a list of every business within 50 miles of your home address. If you reach out to someone locally, you have a higher chance of actually getting in touch with them.

Your goal is to make a list of 100 businesses who would make good customers.

Try to find 100 people who you think would be eternally grateful for you because of this.

If you keep this energy, you’ll find yourself making 6 figures PER MONTH within a year.

How to get your affiliate link

If you’ve made it all the way down here, there’s an excellent chance you’re serious about this opportunity.

And, if that’s the case, I’d be thrilled to meet you and point you in the right direction.

I’ll also give you your affiliate link.

Send me an email with the subject line “affiliateOS”.


I look forward to meeting you.

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