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A Little Content Goes A Long Way

A little bit of content goes a long way

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Even just a little bit of content marketing over the course of a year will go a LONG way

And exponentially further if you do it two years in a row

You don’t have to pump out 10 posts per day, but keeping a consistent schedule of just 2–3 posts published to your company blog can do wonders

If you started today and kept on for 52 consecutive weeks, your business would be unfamiliar to you

All bc the power of content

And it doesn’t even have to be *great* content

I say it doesn’t have to be *great* bc I know my content isn’t great and I still enjoy considerable success from the little bit that I do

If you’re not sure where/how to start, just write down a list of 10–20 of the most common questions your target audience has — then write 300–500 words about. Answer the question in the first line/paragraph and then give some extra thoughts on it… this will help make it *yours*

Adding your own spin on these things is the key to developing deep, passionate relationships with your best buyers

They’re out there waiting for you to educate and fascinate them with your content :)

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