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SaaS With 10-100 Active Customers & $500 Profit Per Month


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Type: SaaS

Value proposition: Software to hire remote employees anywhere in the world

Company details: SaaS with $240,000 in TTM revenue and $5,500 in TTM profit that helps companies hire remote employees in 150 countries. They take care of global payroll, compliance, taxes, and benefits. They do this by working with many local partners that can offer these services. We differentiate in this market by being focused on the student and helping their learning. Programs that adopt our software tend to triple in size within months, because parents love the transparency of the platform, and it simplifies the director's life so they can focus more on the student experience and marketing their program.

Customers: 10-100

HQ location: Netherlands

Staff size: 1

Est. Revenue/Employee: $240,000.00

Founded: 2021-01-01

Alive: 18 months

Competitors: Remote, Deel, Workmotion, Papaya Global

Competitor Information


All Things Remote Work


The platform built for today’s world of work

Hire in a new country in minutes and streamline your worldwide admin by automating onboarding, EOR, Global Payroll, and compliance. It’s a world-class experience for your business and entire international team — all in one place.


Global HR solutions at your fingertips

We’ve streamlined international hiring, onboarding and human resource management across 160+ countries. No local presence needed. No surprises.

Papaya Global

Technology without limits for a workforce without boundaries

Welcome to the global payroll platform trusted across 160+ countries and all types of employment. Smart. Simple. Streamlined. Built for the most important workforce—yours.


P&L available?: YES

Annual Growth Rate: 100%*

*Most recent listed growth rate

TTM Gross Revenue: $240000

TTM Net Profit: $5500

TTM: Total Twelve Months (i.e a snapshot of the previous 12 months)

Over the last 12 months, this SaaS has generated $240000 in top-line revenue with a profit of $5500

ARR: $240000
Annual Recurring Revenue

: $20000
Monthly Recurring Revenue

Estimated* Expenses: $19500 per month

Monthly Net Profit: $500

Acquisition Information

Asking: $25000

Multiple: 0.1x

Reasoning: Current ARR of $5.5k with a 5x multiple asking of $25k

*Asking Price is only the initial offering — bring any and all offers to the table. And remember, you’ve already got the no. You won’t get the yes unless you make the ask.

True Acquisition Cost*


True Cost™ increases the Asking Price by ~34% to account for loan interest, origination fees, and any other miscellaneous fees that might be associated with the acquisition. 

$25000 + 34% = $32750™

To give you a better idea — we like finding deals where we can recoup our investment within 7-10 years

When calculating True Cost™, we estimate the following to keep it simple for now:

  • 10% Monthly APR
  • Monthly Payments
  • 5% Loan Origination Fee
  • $1,000 USD misc fees*

If we pay off a loan within 7-10 years using this same criteria — it’ll end up costing us 33-35% of the loan amount. 

In this case, a $25k loan paid off in 10 years would really cost about $39k* when all is said and done.

If needed, here’s the easiest business loan calculator we’ve ever used.

True Cost is for educational and informational purposes only. Please be sure to consult a trusted financial advisor or lawyer to help you better understand (and help you along) the acquisition process.

Time To Ownership*: 

66 months

If you paid this off as quickly as you possibly could, you’d fully own this company in about 66 months — or in about 5.46 years

This estimated Time To Ownership™ takes the True Cost and divides it by the Monthly Profit (if you need to finance 100% of the transaction)

Internal ID: ACQ005

View original listing here: https://app.microacquire.com/startup/tebLzz5IJKdM7DQzse4hNiMU0732/Nc6KMXtAab1IoxH7MPDU

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