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Become A Content Marketing Master In One Day

Become A Content Marketing Master In One Day

Master Content Marketing In Just 1 Day

Content Marketing 101

Everyone has their own ways/opinions, but if I was to try to teach you about content marketing in just 1 day, I’d make sure you learned these three things:

  • SEO
    To make sure your content is visible in the search engines
  • Creation
    How to build an engine that creates the content for you
  • Distribution
    Creating the content and publishing it to your website is only one piece of the puzzle — you must have a plan for distribution your content

*Search Engine Optimization

How can someone learn about content marketing in a single day on their own?

YouTube, no question.

Start with these resources:

Go through the resources above.

Take notes too. Make it stick in your brain.

And then, most importantly, act on what you’ve just learned.

Do not — I’m speaking from experience here — DO NOT sit around and keep trying to learn and learn and learn. You need to get out there and start publishing. Publish as fast as you can. You’re going to be awful at first, but the faster you go, the faster you’ll learn. Within 60–90 days, you’ll feel like a content marketing expert compared to the person you are today.

Pro tip: Set a goal of publishing 1,000 words per week to your blog (and then watch it grow).

Soon, you’ll be effortlessly cranking out thousands and thousands of words of content each week. 🙂

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