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What Is The Best Accounting Software For Small Business

Quickbooks has been around for a long time and is one of the most trusted accounting software programs for small and medium-sized businesses.

What Is The Best Accounting Software For Small Business?

Quickbooks is one of the best Accounting Software for small businesses.

Intuit QuickBooks Online is still the best online accounting application for small businesses, thanks to its depth, flexibility, and extensibility. It's easy to use, well designed, and built to serve a wide variety of users.

PCMag editors select and review products independently. (Read more about this review here: https://www.pcmag.com/reviews/intuit-quickbooks-online)

PCMag suggests that Quickbooks is expensive in that article (above). Quickbooks isn't expensive. The author was likely shopping with their own wallet.

Successful business owners understand the value Quickbooks brings and know they are getting a steal.

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Introduction to QuickBooks 2022 - 4 Hour QuickBooks Tutorial

About This Video

A Message From The Presenters:

In this 3 hour and 55 minute QuickBooks tutorial for beginners, we give you a crash course in QuickBooks Pro 2021 Desktop. If you have been meaning to learn how to use QuickBooks Desktop as a bookkeeper, accountant, or small business owner, then this is the place to start.

We assume no prior QuickBooks knowledge and start at the very beginning by helping you set up your company file and preferences. After, we move onto teaching you how to create your Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks, work with Estimates, Invoices, Credit Memos and so much more!

Watch the video on YouTube.

Best Accounting Software Small Business | Reddit

Reddit is a treasure trove of business insight. Below is a link to a Reddit thread with 51+ comments discussing peoples' very real experiences with Quickbooks.

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Is Quickbooks Easy To Use?

NerdWallet says "Although QuickBooks Online is user-friendly, there can be a learning curve, particularly if you’re unfamiliar with the basic principles of accounting. Additionally, QuickBooks can be expensive for many businesses, even more so if you add on time tracking or payroll."

And EC Quickbooks Training says, "QuickBooks has proven to be the software that small businesses go to because it is easy to get started. It is also an affordable accounting system compared to other advanced and complex systems. For many business owners, it has become a beneficial tool in running their finances. It can handle all the aspects of accounting. It’s functionality include payroll, fixed asset management, inventory management, and much more."

To read more of this review, click here: https://ecquickbookstraining.com/what-is-quickbooks-and-is-it-easy-to-learn/

How Does It Save Me Money?

Your accountant (or you) will have less work. Less time being spent on admin tasks = more time to work ON your business or spend it with those you love.

— You no longer need a payroll service

— Allows you to print your own checks (if needed)

— Zero risk of data loss because the software is all cloud-based

— It unlocks a level of business intelligence you never thought possible.

Being able to control your business financials this way is a huge, huge advantage — especially for home service business (like epoxy flooring companies)

Top 3 Quickbooks Alternatives


Xero is a cloud based accounting software engineered to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses in any kind of industry. It’s simple to use interface is one of the most user-friendly solutions available today.

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Zoho Books

Zoho Books is a comprehensive and user-friendly accounting software solution that's perfect for small businesses looking to boost their cash flow and financial management. If you have any questions about our product, we'll be sure to give you a warm welcome when you approach one of our friendly account managers.

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FreshBooks is an online accounting software for small businesses that offers easy-to-use cloud accounting and billing. FreshBooks allows users to manage their finances from anywhere, as long as they have a web connection (and even offline), by turning receipts into expense files in one click, tracking billable hours and invoicing with just a swipe - taking all of the tedium out of the day-to-day operation. Users can also use FreshBooks to manage projects and tax in simple ways!

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