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What Is The Best Artificial Intelligence Software For Small Business

Azure Machine Learning Studio is a simple and powerful tool that allows you to explore, experiment, and develop AI and Machine Learning models in an easy and visual way. Think of it like a studio where you can build your own AI solution.

What Is The Best Artificial Intelligence Software For Small Business?

Azure Machine Learning Studio is one of the best for small businesses.

A cloud-based interactive programming tool for predictive analytics from Microsoft. Azure Machine Learning Studio offers access to Cortana Intelligence Suite and gallery, AI algorithm library, and more.

Its easy to use interface utilizes drag and drop actions. Despite being cloud-based, this machine learning solution also provides offline access to its users.

And the best part? You can try Azure Machine Learning for free. Just head over to their website to register and get started.

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Getting Started With Azure Machine Learning Studio

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Crawl, walk, run into machine learning with Azure. Use AutoML or visual drag and drop designer or full JupyterLab notebooks to do your data science.

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What Roles Does Artificial Intelligence Play In Small Business? | Reddit

When AI is applied to marketing strategies and customer interactions, small businesses can assist their clients in obtaining what they truly desire.

For example, if a corporation chooses customer relationship management (CRM) software that integrates AI, they will be able to manage modern communication more easily.

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Is Azure Machine Learning Studio Easy To Use?

With Azure it's easier than ever to create and globally deploy applications that are compatible on all popular web and portable platforms. Reliable, scalable cloud access lets you respond quickly to your business's ebb and flow, saving time and money.

How Does It Save Me Money?

Another way to save money on compute resources is Azure Reserved VM Instance. With this offering, you commit to one-year or three-year terms. These discounts range up to 72% of the pay-as-you-go prices and are applied directly to your monthly Azure bill.

Azure Machine Learning Compute supports reserved instances inherently. If you purchase a one-year or three-year reserved instance, we will automatically apply discount against your Azure Machine Learning managed compute.

Top 3 Azure Machine Learning Studio Alternatives

Cloud Machine Learning Engine

A cloud-based predictive analytics modeling platform for data of all sizes. Its deep learning capabilities enables it to run any type of TensorFlow model and design machine learning models. Cloud Machine Learning Engine is also integrated with Google Dataflow, thus allowing access to Google BigQuery and Google Storage.

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Salesforce Einstein

An AI application designed exclusively for the purpose of sales data processing. Salesforce Einstein gives sales representatives access to data science tools that can help improve how they handle customers. Using myEinstein platform, users can also create and publish intuitive and predictive apps unique to their business needs.

Click here to learn more about Salesforce Einstein

Nvidia Deep Learning AI

This AI platform is equipped with visual identification and threat protection, and other powerful tools helpful to government agencies, security, and medical institutions. It also offers a suite of products, such as NGC Deep Learning Stack, Deep Learning training and frameworks, and workload management.

Click here to learn more about Nvidia Deep Learning AI

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