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What Is The Best Blog Software For Small Business

DropFunnels is a great blogging software option for small businesses. DropFunnels is the best all in one marketing tool, along with the fastest website loading speeds on the internet.

What Is The Best Blog Software For Small Business?

DropFunnels is one of the best for small businesses.

I'm all in on DropFunnels for one reason - it's the future!

"I've spent over $500,000 building custom software platforms, and anyone can now access the same level of technology in just minutes. That's just one reason why DropFunnels is now my default recommendation for any digital business."

— Mike Dillard, MikeDillard.com

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Before You Start With DropFunnels — An Honest Review

About This Video

In this Dropfunnels review, I'll share with you all the things I like about Dropfunnels, and all the things I don't. It's been thought of really well and the idea is great, but personally, I don't think the product is there... just yet. It has the right idea behind it and it is starting to have the features required to take it there, but the UI/UX is years behind what is available right now.

I think after a few years of development, Dropfunnels can eventually stand ahead of its competitors in the all-in-one marketing system. But as of now, it lacks user experience, the interface, has bugs, and is very limited.

Hopefully, in the future, it can resolve all of these!

Watch the video on YouTube.

Best Blog Software Small Business | Reddit

Can you recommend any open-source blogging software?

Hi everyone,

I decided I am going to write a blog to document my learning endeavors so I can show it to future employers and also to share it with people who are interested.

My field of interest is IT Sec and Bioinformatics. So it would be nice if the CMS had some plugin to nicely show code.

Generally I am looking for a CMS that's easy and fast to install.

Do you guys have any recommendations for me?

Thanks in advance


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Is DropFunnels Easy To Use?

Yes, DropFunnels is EXTREMELY easy to use.

If you've used ClickFunnels or HighLevel, you'll be nearly plug-n-play with DropFunnels! :)

How Does It Save Me Money?

DropFunnels saves you money by saving you a truckload of time every single day.

DropFunnels got its name because the Founder, Jordo, wanted to make blogging as simple as "dropping" your content in. Nearly as seamless as copy and pasting.

Stop building your blog pages from scratch each time.

Take advantage of the powerful templates DropFunnels has (and even build your own!

You'll love DropFunnels.

It operates on the Wordpress framework. So it's basically Wordpress's no-code option. Strongly, strongly recommend checking it out!

We use DropFunnels here at Nurturely (nurturely.io is built on it). So, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. We'd love to help you make the best decision possible for your business.

Top 3 DropFunnels Alternatives


Wix is one of world's leading online website builders that offers robust modules for marketing, ecommerce, and customer support and many more. Starting out as a basic, easy-to-use website builder, Wix expanded to become a total business solution for digital touchpoints.

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Medium is a popular blogging and sharing platform where people can publish their stories and insights. It comes with a user-friendly editor, intuitive change tracker, basic SEO tools, as well as article monetization options to help users set up their blog for success.

Click here to learn more about Medium


WordPress is a leading open-source content management and blogging system with an interface that doesn't require HTML or FTP knowledge. It is a content management app that started as a simple blogging tool but moved fast towards providing fully functional CMS options through plugins, widgets, and themes.

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