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What Is The Best Compliance Management Software For Small Business

Jatheon is the first enterprise-grade cloud solution that moves data to the cloud of your choice. We are a single-vendor solution that handles the complexity so you don't have to.

What Is The Best Compliance Management Software For Small Business?

Jatheon Cloud is one of the best for small businesses.

A single archiving solution for multiple data types, configurable on your terms. Jatheon Cloud is a cloud-based email archiving solution that solves all archiving, compliance and ediscovery challenges at once. It helps organizations to simplify archiving, retrieval and management of corporate email, meet compliance standards easily, respond to ediscovery requests quickly and improve overall business productivity and information governance.

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Cloud Email Archiving - Jatheon Cloud Product Overview

About This Video

Jatheon Cloud is a next-generation cloud email archiving software that helps organizations in regulated industries and beyond to improve compliance, ediscovery and email management.

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Best Compliance Management Software Small Business | Reddit

What product(s) are you using to archive email (may also be referred to as journaling to some, essentially we need to settle legal disputes)? We're looking for a tool to use for litigation mainly. We'd like a product that records inbound and outbound email so we can settle legal disputes when they arise. We had used Exclaimer's product until recently but it failed and their technical support couldn't resolve our issues. I have used Mimecast in the past. Any advice would be appreciated. We're a medium sized UK corporation, price shouldn't be too much of a problem but the more cost effective the solution is the easier the sell to my CTO. Thanks!

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Is Easy To Use?

Yes, Jatheon Cloud is easy to use. But there is a steep learning curve. Be prepared to spend your first few weeks getting used to it all. After that though, you're rocking and rolling.

Does It Help Me Cut Costs?

Yes. Small business software (SMB SaaS) is created for the purpose of curring costs or skyrocketing revenue. If it can't serve that purpose, you won't use it. And if you won't use it, other people won't either. Becuase they'll have the same problem as you. If a company runs out of customers, they go out of business. Every piece of reliable software on this planet WILL save you money... So long as you use it to its full potential (most don't).

Top 3 Jatheon Cloud Alternatives

Thomson Reuters Compliance

Navigate the global regulatory environment and build a culture of compliance. Banking, financial services, and insurance sectors continue to experience unprecedented volumes of regulatory change and complexity. Our Regulatory Intelligence helps you gather, monitor, and analyze regulatory data and track developments in a rapidly changing environment.A holistic approach to regulatory compliance and mitigation of risks. It is a popular global regulatory compliance platform among companies with international operations. Subscription will also allow you access to important reports and generate insights from up-to-date and accurate data. It is known for having a robust legal compliance module.

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Process mapping simplified with Nintex Promapp®​. Establish total visibility, gain control, drive operational efficiencies and identify automation opportunities by planning, mapping, and managing your enterprise-wide business processes with Nintex Promapp®.​Promapp is a cloud-based process management software app that you can use to create and store business processes online. Features include personalized navigation, collaboration tools, and simple process mapping. It has robust risk management and HR management modules to boot.

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Compliance 360

Streamline your risk management process with an integrated view of risk.An intelligent GRC software with an all-inclusive suite of risk lifecycle management tools. It has a robust risk management module complete with reports. The platform is also known for its comprehensive audit management features. Also, users take advantage of their automation options to save time and effort.

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