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What Is The Best Fixed Asset Management Software For Small Business

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What Is The Best Fixed Asset Management Software For Small Business?

Upkeep is one of the best Fixed Asset Management Software for small businesses.

Maintain operations and enhance productivity with a single CMMS tool, bringing all of your facility, asset, building maintenance and waste management services under one roof. UpKeep is the best CMMS software to manage tasks and processes across all departments using the most advanced cloud based approach. With UpKeep for Workorder Management you can quickly handle new work orders with built in barcode scanner & mobile work order applications, streamline equipment maintenance & reliability, break down complex problems into manageable tasks; give your team access from anywhere & provide flexible task management tools that makes everyone accountable for their own schedule. Get a live report on what’s being worked & receive notifications about new tasks via email/SMS. We understand that every business is unique & will provide Free consultation on how to get started with UpKeep.

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UpKeep — Asset Operations Management Solution

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UpKeep's Asset Operations Management Platform is a mobile-first CMMS, EAM & IIoT suite of solutions proven to streamline the work order process and take you from reactive to preventive maintenance. Purpose-built to manage multi-location, day-to-day maintenance life cycles; optimize asset utilization; and gain insights into real-time performance data. Maintenance, reliability, and operations teams now have one easy-to-use tool to drive efficiency and effectiveness across the organization.

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Best Fixed Asset Management Software Small Business | Reddit

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10 months ago

Which asset management management software do you recommend?

We are looking for a solution to manage physical assets, including IT equipment but most of all machinery, consumables and buildings. Some software I have seen recommended: Snipe-IT (maybe only for IT?), FIIX, EzOfficeInventory, IBM Maximo and UpKeep.

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Is UpKeep Easy To Use?

Yes, it's easy to use.

How Does It Save Me Money?

Yes. Small business software (SMB SaaS) is created for the purpose of cutting costs or skyrocketing revenue. If it can't serve that purpose, you won't use it. And if you won't use it, other people won't either. Becuase they'll have the same problem as you. If a company runs out of customers, they go out of business. Every piece of reliable software on this planet WILL save you money... So long as you use it to its full potential (most don't).

Top 3 Upkeep Alternatives


Fleetsmith is a mobile device management solution that runs on Apple devices—Macs and iPhones alike. It automates multiple tasks and processes so you don’t need to lift a finger from setting up a Macbook when it connects to wifi and encrypting the contents of a device’s storage. Among other things, it puts your Apple devices on autopilot when applying patches, enforcing policies, updating security, gathering intelligence, and more.

Its dashboard gives you real-time updates on the status of your assets. You need only configure the device once when it updates, which is saved and applied to all actions from there. Fleetsmith’s smart inventory keeps and maintains your records so they’re accurate and up-to-date.

The easy and automated onboarding isn’t the only thing going for this software, however. It’s built with security in mind, with such features like SSH key management, single sign-on, two-factor authentication, built-in password manager, and security audits. It also integrates with the G Suite and Office 365 environments and employs FileVault encryption.

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Sage FAS

First on the list of top 20 fixed asset management software is Sage FAS. It is a solution designed to track, manage, and monitor the entire lifecycle of your fixed assets even before they become such. This system comes in various solutions to cover each crucial aspect due to its complexity. While it is complex, the software is built to simplify the processes involved in your fixed asset management.

When it comes to planning, it offers detail tracking in multiple levels and 45 user-defined fields. Additionally, you get your hands on built-in reports of actual versus budget variance and project status. Meanwhile, you can also prepare for year-end financials, cost allocation, and depreciation calculation by staying on top of your fixed asset’s complete lifecycle from acquisition to disposal.

Importantly, tracking fixed assets through inventories is crucial to avoid having lost or stolen assets and tax overpayments. To do so, the product provides you with easy-to-use “wizards” to guide you in the inventory process.

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ProSeries Fixed Asset Manager

ProSeries Fixed Asset Manager is a tool used by professional accounting firms to automatically calculate clients’ depreciation and track assets. Users can get it as a standalone software or as an add-on solution to ProSeries Professional.

This package includes features such as client property tax return reports, various MACRS (Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System) depreciation methods, tracking of asset purchases and sales throughout the year, and book and tax depreciation in separate values.

The interface of this system is intuitive, customizable, and compatible with a variety of third-party applications. This enables you to seamlessly import asset data in formats, such as a CSV file, ASCII file, or as a Microsoft Word and Excel file.

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