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Content Marketing Ideas For Personal Injury Lawyers

Are you looking for new and effective content marketing ideas for personal injury lawyers? Take a look at some of the pages that you can create on your website with the most informative content.

Content Marketing Ideas For Personal Injury Lawyers

Have trouble getting results from your current content marketing strategy? You’re not the only one. Research suggests that 60% of marketers struggle to design and measure the performance of their existing content marketing initiatives.

A personal injury blog’s success is mainly dependent on the quality of its content, of course. You can’t just toss garbage up and hope people enjoy it.

Inquiries about individual injury cases have brought visitors to your site. A sales pitch or any other kind of filler will not be tolerated, either.

You have to earn their trust first. Those who have been injured or involved in an accident want to know what to do next.

They only care about themselves. They only care about what you can do for them. Show them that you understand their pains at the deepest levels.

People want to be understood.

Showcase this in your website’s blog with educational, informative content.

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Your Website Won’t Rank If Your Blog’s Content Belongs In La Basura

Additionally, high-quality content is critical for SEO.

Google’s algorithm shows searches the information it *thinks* is the most relevant. Google wants to be able to present exact answers for any possible keyword search. If they’re able to do this, we (the users) will continue to rely on its technology thus increasing its longevity.

When your law firm’s website features SEO-optimized content, your firm will perform better in search engine results.

In other words, if someone is looking for something related to law, they are more likely to find your firm’s site when they search. If they like what you have to say, they may think of you as a viable option when they need legal advice in the future.

The likelihood of receiving backlinks from other websites increases, too, when publishing high-quality content.

However, picking content marketing topics can be tricky — be strategic with this. Do some keyword research on the front end to give you an idea of what to write about.

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Your content needs to stick out. Don’t try to blend in with all the other big players in the game. You can’t compete with them anyway (yet!).

The best way to differentiate and stick out is to incorporate your own voice in your messaging. Your experience and your perspective on life is entirely unique to anyone else that has ever breathed a single breath. Your specific voice needs to be heard by someone. And they won’t hear you unless you put yourself out there to be heard.

It’s awkward at first, of course.

But it’s necessary.

(I’m doing this in my own blog right now)… this very blog post.

I just write how I’d talk to you if you were standing in front of me.

If you need an accountability partner with your content creation + your company blog, I’m always happy to offer that support.

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Personal Injury Topics That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Tip: Write down all of your thoughts on each of the following topics and publish to the company blog

Legal and political topics that are constantly relevant are referred to as “evergreen.” In general, these topics don’t need to be updated. However, it’s a good idea to write about these subjects regularly so that specific keywords are used. There are numerous ways to approach these issues.

Your website’s navigational structure should include evergreen topics as well. Evergreen topics can be a starting point for long-tail search-phrase-focused pages on your site.

If you have a page dedicated to car accidents, for example, you could use it as a central hub for other car accident-related pages, such as those that are localized.

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Evergreen Personal Injury Content Ideas:

Pages For Each Practice Area

Create a unique page for every single practice area of personal injury law. Jot down everything you can possibly think of. Come back to it the next day and edit it (huge pro tip that the most seasoned copywriters do). Jot down everything you can to help educate your website visitor. You’re teaching someone who knows nothing about your work. What would you tell them?

For every type of personal injury your law firm deals with, such as car accidents and dog bites and slip and falls, and construction accidents, you should create a separate landing page for each type.

Using the practice pages, you can get a feel for the various aspects of personal injury law.

To maximize keywords related to the personal injury case, landing pages should include as many relevant topics as possible.

To keep a customer on your website while looking up information on personal injury, contain links to relevant internal pages.

Personal Injury Claim File Forms

Personal injury claims are a topic of interest to many people. Why? Because they need to fill them out if they ever want to collect their settlement (lol).

Inexperienced people may not be aware of their legal rights if they’ve never had an accident or been injured. One thing you could teach them about are these forms. What do they need to know or what do they typically need to fill out before ever opening a claim? Something as simple as this can be very impactful to a website visitor.

When it comes to personal injury, this page provides an excellent opportunity for a wide-ranging discussion with links to relevant pages and resources, too.

Use this idea as inspiration. What are other *boring* aspects of your work that your potential clients should know about? What would help them fast-track claim resolution?

Statutes Of Limitations

Every personal injury law company should include a page that explains the filing dates for personal injury cases. In the first place, statutes of limitations-related keywords are frequently searched. A website’s traffic can be boosted by creating an optimized page for SEO using these keywords. Another problem is that many people are unaware of the filing deadlines for personal injury and wrongful death claims.

People who have been injured but are unaware of the deadlines for filing a personal injury claim may fail to do so. It is possible to persuade consumers to call your law company for a consultation by providing them with information regarding the statutes of limitations.

Statutes of limitations, both at the state and federal level, can be included in the landing page’s subpages. The statute of limitations for various kinds of personal injury cases can be broken down into separate pages.

Focus on educating people whether or not they even have a claim before they reach out to you.

Claim Records

Any person involved in a personal injury case would do well to learn how to deal with an insurance company.

It’s a good idea to start by explaining how to file an insurance claim if you’ve been injured in an accident.

Some content ideas:

  • Assisting insurance adjusters in their investigations
  • Negligence in the insurance industry
  • Negotiating a fair settlement: a few pointers
  • How insurance claims are assessed and paid
  • Understanding the implications of signing on the dotted line
  • How to deal with insurance companies: the dos and don’ts

The timeline for resolving personal injury insurance claims can also be addressed in this context.

Website Leads Analysis — Results in under 7 minutes

Find out how many leads you’re missing out on by not having live chat on your website.

A large number of people prefer to start conversations with chat/text message. If you don’t have that option, they won’t do business with you.

Find out how many leads you’re missing out on each month.

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Case Instructions

People are curious about the process of bringing a lawsuit to court. Information on personal injury case timelines and pre-suit procedures may be found on this page.

Additionally, it is possible to outline the broad procedures involved in litigating a personal injury lawsuit, such as service of process, the discovery phase; motions; mediation; and the trial.

Courts and court procedures can be discussed on the same page as the steps to filing a personal injury lawsuit.

When discussing these issues, you will include links and geo-specific keywords to improve your website’s SEO.

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What Should They Do Immediately After An Accident?

Accident victims and those injured by a doctor or by a defective product may not know what to do to protect their legal rights because they have never experienced any of these things themselves. Steps such as filing a police report and seeking medical attention are discussed on this page.

Related information can be accessed as well. Following an accident, you can talk about what to do and what not to do, such as the dangers of utilizing social media after a slip and fall or automobile accident.

This topic also allows you to develop subpages on relevant themes, such as the significance of seeking immediate medical care and why you should avoid making statements to the insurance company.

Determining Liability: What’s The First Step?

Trying to determine who is responsible for a person’s injuries can be difficult. There may be more than one person or party who is responsible for the lawsuit. A personal injury claim may be discussed in detail on this landing page.

It’s possible to talk about the importance of conducting a thorough accident investigation and the evidence that can be used to establish liability.

You have a chance to explain how your law firm can assist an injured person. A few examples of the resources and expert witnesses available to the law firm include:

It is your legal team’s job to determine who is responsible for the damages, and they do so with ease.

Safety Advice, Tips, and Recommendations

Providing visitors to your website with safety advice related to personal injury cases handled by your law firm is a great asset.

As an illustration, consider safety tips for avoiding a car accident or avoiding a fall. Tips for finding a doctor after an injury or preparing for a long car trip can also be included.

Your firm may want to include storm-preparation advice or advice on dealing with an adjuster’s inspection if you handle insurance litigation.

It always tickles me when I see a Los Angeles attorney broadcast a message of safe driving during a rainstorm as if they wouldn’t cash in otherwise. This method absolutely does work even if the motive is advertising.

Simple Statistics, Seriously

One of the more exciting subjects to study is statistics. Injuries and accidents statistics are frequently sought after by the general public.

What you find to be “common knowledge” is entirely uncommon to virtually everyone else in this world. Remember that. Educate your audience on even the simplest of concepts. You’ll be shocked.

The number of accidents in specific practice areas can be included in the statistics. Statistics about particular injuries caused by accidents can also be included on a page. You can significantly improve the credibility of your data by referencing other sources.

Local Court Decisions

For a blog, local jury verdicts could be an excellent source of information. Cases involving the same type of injury may interest those awaiting a verdict. Blogs allow you to discuss related topics and how your law firm might be able to assist someone in a similar circumstance.

Keep your community up to date on what happens in the court room. You’ll quickly become a source of trusted information. And we all know what happens when your audience begins to trust you. ♥️

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