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The most ideal dimensions for your Facebook Ads images and pictures

The most ideal dimensions for your Facebook Ads images and pictures

Facebook Ads Picture Dimensions

The best Facebook ads picture dimensions are: 600 x 600 px

It takes up the most real estate on your audiences’ screens and gives you more space to advertise. Try it out!

Are you struggling with Facebook ads picture dimensions? Take a look at a detailed guide on the sizes and rules related to image ads on Facebook. Now you can post ads more confidently.

To be successful on social media, you must use visual content. That’s because it is the driving force behind Facebook and Instagram. But many people are constantly struggling with getting the Facebook ads picture dimensions right. Are you also a part of the digital marketing industry? If yes, you know that Facebook is continuously tweaking its ad layouts and the sizes and specifications of existing images and videos.

Facebook accounts for one-fifth of all digital ad spending. Over half a billion people visit the site every month. They spend more time there than on Snapchat (33% more time) or Instagram (32 minutes). Numerous mobile app marketers rely on Facebook as their primary source of ad traffic. That’s because of its high volume and high quality. Ad testing in all Facebook ad sizes is necessary. It helps to fully utilize the platform’s potential and test creativity in all Facebook ad sizes.

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Why Are Facebook Ads Picture Dimensions So Important?

  • By being aware of the Facebook ad size, you can avoid displaying stretched, pixelated, or blurred creative.
  • The size and placement of your ad can either help or hinder your ad’s ability to stand out from the rest of the content your audience sees.
  • The right size and placement are critical to reaching the right audience on multiple platforms.

Video ads are becoming increasingly popular on Facebook. But Facebook advertising still displays a single image. Your ad delivery may be affected by Facebook if your image contains more than 20% text. When calculating your ad’s 20 percent reach, Facebook doesn’t consider the text in the ad’s body copy. Let’s take a look at the Facebook ads picture dimensions.

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Official dimensions for Facebook Newsfeed image ads:

  • The most common image size is 1200 x 628 pixels (1080 x 1080 for a 1:1 image). There are no restrictions on the maximum size. (600 x 600 px is best on Canva!)
  • Image ratio: With no link involvement, the image ratio should be from 9:16–16:9. With the involvement of a link, the image ratio should be 1.9:1–1:1.
  • The text should make up no more than 20% of an image. (Though we have been getting away with a lot more than 20% lately… use as much as you can!).
  • Image file types: .png or .jpg. Please make a note of the fact that you can only upload animated GIFS inside a video ad.
  • Text: If no link is present, only 125 characters are allowed.
  • Headline: It shouldn’t be more than 25 characters. Otherwise, any more characters might appear truncated.
  • Link Description: It shouldn’t exceed 30 characters.

Your Facebook ads should include images. They should be unique and eye-catching to catch the attention of potential customers. Creating Facebook image ads can be a challenge. With the information above, you now know the Facebook ads picture dimensions. With this knowledge, you can quickly start your ad campaigns.

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