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What 4 Roles Should I Hire First?

What 4 Roles Should I Hire First?

My 4 are::

Marketing, yes 100%. For this, I would love to find someone with graphic design AND blog content/SEO specialties. These are extremely important to me. I’m always willing to pay the true value of these invaluable skillsets too. Also willing to break this marketing hire up into two (if needed)

Finance, of course. You need a tax/numbers/money person on your team. Having the CEO/Founder/Owner worrying about money like that is similar to a Farmer worrying about the hammers in the drawers. You must have someone who is simply gifted in this space… don’t see how you can lose! I need someone playing with (and ideally, growing) the idle cash otherwise it just loses value anyway

Community is a big one for me… I see the value of Facebook Groups, subreddits, etc… I just refuse to have to be *on* all the time and replying on every social channel. Nothing happens without Community so this role will never not be handsomely compensated. The energy it takes to be Head of Community is nauseating to me… Those folks are warriors

Client Success is my 4th (but not least priority per se)… this person would ideally be a sales/retention focus who’s paid for performance on both initial sales and future recurring

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