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How LockHard Concrete Flooring Can Dominate The San Antonio, Texas Market

LockHard Concrete Flooring

Goal: To control San Antonio market

Website: https://www.lockhardflooring.com/

Phone: 210-305-8583

  • Do not try to target every single keyword on this list. If you plug them into Google Ads, you will burn through your budget faster than Usain Bolt runs the 100m dash. Instead, comb through the list and highlight the keywords that are most relevant to you and start with only those.

How to build a website that Google wants to rank highly

This will completely overwhelm you and cause paralysis by analysis. If you worry too much about “ranking your website”, you will burn out and you will ultimately lose. 

To rank highly in the search engines (like Google), you must have a value-packed website. If you truly want to be #1 in your market area (and stay there for the long-term), this website will have hundreds (or even thousands) of pages and blog posts that do nothing other than educate and inform potential clients so much so that they’re able to make their best buying decisions. If you are the one who’s educating them along this entire buyer journey, there is quite literally no doubt that you will be the one they call when they need a flooring pro. 

Building this kind of website is extremely time consuming. If you try to do it all at once, again, you will burn out… and lose. So, it’s best to adopt a brand new habit of publishing great content to the site. Starting out at a pace of two articles per month is a great first step. Because it’s a lower goal, you’re more likely to achieve it. And because you continue to achieve the goal, you will keep doing it for longer. Thus, elevating you, your company, and your brand above everyone else who gave up. If you give up, you will lose.

There are different things you can do to *optimize* your website for the search engines, but if that is all you focus on, you won’t rank anywhere. The website should be THE go-to source for concrete flooring information in the Greater San Antonio area. You can achieve this by adopting that new publishing habit. Over time, you will be dramatically increasing your website’s value — and earning higher rankings (and more clients/business) along the way. 


A backlink is one of your links on someone else’s website. 

Let’s say KSAT.com publishes an article that talks about LockHard Concrete. At the end of that article, they will say something like “For all of your concrete flooring needs, look no further than LockHard Concrete right here in San Antonio”... and then they’ll include a link to your website. Folks will then find your website by way of KSAT.com. That specific link to your website is a backlink for you. 

Google loves to see a website with a lot of backlinks because it’s a signal that other people/businesses/blogs also found your website to be so valuable that they were willing to publish that link on their website. Think about it, you wouldn’t publish links to your website that weren’t valuable to your potential clients. You’d want to be publishing only those things that help those folks out. So, if Google sees you have hundreds of relevant backlinks, they will deem it as “more valuable” and reward you with a higher ranking. 

It’s important to remember that the backlink should be on a relevant website. For example, if you earn a backlink on Rolex’s website, it won’t be seen as valuable as a backlink on a San Antonio Home Builders’ website. Google knows that home building is much more relevant than a luxury watch. 

Backlinks can be quite hard to get because people are protective over their websites. They aren’t willing to just dish out backlinks like that. Instead, if all you ever did was focus on publishing the highest-quality content on your site, other website owners will naturally want to display your content on their website — earning you a backlink without you having to do any other work. If you publish mediocre content, you will have to reach out to other website owners and ask/beg them to give you the backlink. And this practice is completely unsustainable. You will burn out… and lose. 

If you have no desire to create + publish all this content (and acquire backlinks) yourself, I recommend these guys

For $349/month, they will produce SIXTEEN (16) blog articles PER MONTH for you… and publish it to your site if you prefer. Completely hands-off. You can focus on your business while they grow your website. I personally use this company as well. One of my best-kept secrets. 

They will also manage your Google Ads for a very small fee (I believe it’s $249/month + ad spend). Make sure your website has a blog on it. If you need one, we can set one up for you too.

Building a prominent website takes a lot of hard work and a bit of time. If you start investing into your website and give up, you will have accomplished nothing except wasting your time and money. If you’re going to do it, do it. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

How to set yourself apart from competition

It won’t matter how good of a job you can do for your clients, if they don’t believe that you’re different (i.e better) than anyone else in the area. You’d be able to prove this only after you’ve completed their project. Therefore, you must be different even on the frontend. The best way to do this is to offer something that no one else is.

There are tons of flooring companies in the San Antonio area. You’re not the only one. But I’d be willing to bet that none of them are able (or even willing) to offer their clients a Hawaiian Vacation that is included with their purchase of your concrete coating services. Before you get too stressed out about this, just know that we offer this same thing to our clients — and we’re a small beans cleaning company. Your concrete coating company has much higher profit margins — you can definitely offer something like this. For us (Custom Maids), it costs us a $37/month membership. From there, the 6 Day / 5 Night Vacation Package costs us only $385 to give out to clients. So, we’re not actually paying for a full-on Hawaiian Vacation for our clients. We’re able to do it for very cheap. (And, yes, it’s even recommended that you give yourself one of these vacation incentives to try it out.) This is a very unique business relationship that very few people know about. 

So — instead of saying something like “Get A Free Online Estimate”, it will now be “Let us help you with your garage floor coating project, and we’ll send you to Hawaii just to say thank you.” Your client(s) will never have to know that it costs you very little to offer this to them. All they care about is getting a new beautiful garage floor and a sweet vacation incentive along with it. No one else is offering this in San Antonio, I’m willing to guarantee it. Imagine how many folks are going to be willing to give you an opportunity just because of that added incentive. 

I know you do great flooring work — your Google Reviews prove that. But every other flooring company will also have great reviews. But they’ve already been working at this for years — you’re just getting started. So you must do something else to stand even further out from your competition. This is the way to do it. This is how you will generate hundreds of leads per year.

You offer a 30% discount on your services. Instead of this discount, you could offer the Vacation Incentive. This way, you’re giving something totally different than everyone else and not undervaluing your services here. You do great work, you don’t need to discount it. Instead, offer that vacation incentive. 🙂 

>> Learn how it’s possible to offer these Vacation Incentives

No-Brainer Lead Generation

  • This gets you “Google Guaranteed”. Your ads will have a “Google Guaranteed Badge” on it signaling that you are much more trustworthy than the competitors who don’t. If someone sees this badge on your ad, they are extremely likely to give you a call right then and there. And these or of the highest-quality leads I’ve ever experienced in my 12 year digital marketing career.

  • If you are not already Google Guaranteed, please do this first. If you need help, I got you.

  • Create an account/profile here and fill it out completely. Once finished, you will be able to see leads that are already in there. Bark.com is a service that finds those leads and connects them to trusted businesses without any monthly agency fees. You simply purchase credits and buy whichever leads you want. You’ll see what I mean when you start to create your account. They make it very easy to get rocking and rolling quickly. 

Other Lead Generation

  • These are my personal specialty. However, they can be quite tricky to someone who has never done it before. I’ve spent 12 years inside Facebook Ads, if you need help, I got you here too. Facebook ads are how I took my Mom’s Residential Cleaning Company from $0 in 2016 to $743,000 this last year (2022). Again, cleaning is a much lower ticket than concrete flooring/coating.

  • These are different from Local Service Ads, but it’s recommended that you do both. This way, you’re showing up in every possible location you can when someone searches “epoxy flooring installers near me”.

  • There are 5 locations where you can show up — Local Service Ads, Google Search Ads, Organic Results (your website), Google Maps, and Google Business Profile. Showing up in all 3 gives you the best possible chance of getting noticed. (Setting up your Google Business Profile will automatically submit your business to Google Maps. But I believe you’ve already done this part.)

  • Pro Tip: Apple just came out with their version of Google Business Profile just this last week. Set up your profile here asap.

Your Facebook Group

This is already a gold mine if you have 30k members in it. If all you ever did was publish great, educational content in there, you will win. You will generate a ton of leads here. 

You will do best if you focus on educating folks forever vs if you just use it to “generate leads”. Instead of thinking about what you can “get” from the group, find out what you can “add”. Naturally, those people will call you when they need your services. 

Give first and you will always get. 

If you only ever try to “get”, you never will. 

Action Items

  • Email address at very bottom of the website has a typo
  • Add About page to website to tell your story
  • Add FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section to website
  • Add Google Reviews to the website— you can just copy and paste these directly… plaster these awesome reviews everywhere you possibly can
  • Add a Blog to website
  • Publish two (2) blog articles per month yourself
  • Or… Hire these guys to publish sixteen (16) per month for you

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