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How To Find Lead Generation Clients

How Do I Find Lead Generation Clients

Please know that there will be many different answers to this, but


Go into the Facebook Ads library and find the business who are already spending money on ads to get leads. These are the people who are most likely to hear your offer. Just make a list of 100 companies who fall under your “dream client” profile.

Focus only on these 100 companies/people for the next 12 months and I promise you, you will see a dramatic increase in your revenue.

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Here’s one way to finding your first lead generation client

Do everything you can to stay in front of them every single day over the next year.

Now, I know what you’re thinking “Lol there’s no f*cking way I’m going to call and email these people 365 days in a row”.

I know, I wouldn’t either.

Phone calls and emails are only 2 of thousands of different ways to be in front of them during the day.

For example:

  • Company blog content
  • TV commercials
  • YouTube videos
  • Facebook ads
  • Display ads
  • Direct mail
  • Radio ads
  • Phone
  • Email

(I could go on)

You’re going to try to stay in front of these people until you’re certain they aren’t going to buy from you. (Oftentimes, the sale doesn’t actually start until you get your first no either. So, if someone says “no”, it usually means “not right now”. Find out what that “no” really means).

If I were you

I’d be using email, display ads, Facebook ads, and company blog content to do this. (These bullet points are beautifully organized over on Quora, where this was originally published)

  1. Write down every possible question your prospect might have for you
  2. Publish one company blog post to answer each question (make sure each post only answers one question)
  3. Once you have about 10 posts published to your company blog
  4. Set up a cold email sequence that delivers this content to your dream prospects. (You’re NOT selling them anything right now. Just focus on start conversations and building relationships. Deliver your helpful content to them and that. is. it.)
  5. Send these out consistently… make your own schedule (I prefer once/week)
  6. Using Facebook ads
  7. Create a custom audience with your 100 ideal client emails
  8. Pro tip: Create a lookalike from these emails for future ad campaigns
  9. Push your blog content to this custom audience to ensure content delivery (highly underrated strategy)
  10. HUGE: Facebook Video Ads Sequencer Strategy

DM me on Twitter so I know you’re serious about hearing about this. I have nothing to sell you, I just think it’s a golden nugget I don’t want to publish quite yet. (But always willing to help out the good guys 😉).

There’s an entire strategy that will elevate you to expert status in the eyes of these 100 people over the following 12 months (if you do it right). IAll using The Mere Exposure Effect.

Follow these cold email titans to get better

If you’re interested in prospecting and going the cold email route, I’m begging you to follow these two guys on LinkedIn:

I know it’s LinkedIn, but these are two of the good guys. Some LinkedIn figures are simply nauseating but these two offer golden nuggets every day.

The Wills are Co-Founders of a company called Lavender. Their software helps sale teams write better emails and they will no doubt give you immediate value if you’re trying to up your cold email game. (I love to analyze the tones of my emails with Lavender too).

Another cold email icon:

I’d be willing to bet my life that he rubs the majority of people the wrong way…

But it’s because he’s usually telling folks things they need to hear and, well, we all know how that goes.

He’ll give it to you straight. No sugarcoating.

He gets sh*t done and shows you how to do it too.

Do you need verified B2B emails for your cold email campaign?

Assuming you already know the type of leads you’ll be generating (and which niches you’ll be targeting), the cheapest way to get immediate results is cold email.

Some people will even go as far as saying outbound/cold email is the best form of marketing. Each person has their own opinion on what the *best* is, so please craft your own thoughts around this. If you’re good at outbound prospecting/sales, you’ll love cold email. If you’re not good at it, you’ll hate it.

➡️ I’ve never posted about this until now, but if anyone reading this needs a list of 500 starter leads for your outbound cold email campaign, I’ll send 500 verified emails (including names, job titles, linkedin profiles, revenues, etc) for $100. Just shoot me an email — kyle@nurturely.io — use the subject line “500 B2B Leads” so I know where you came from.

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