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If you understand the power of compound interest, you’ll love this.

If you understand the power of compound interest, you’ll love the idea of content marketing for your business.

Photo by Ravi Roshan on Unsplash

When you publish a page/post to your company blog, you’re publishing a mini asset that’ll work for you until the day you decide to take it down.

It stays out there on the Internet, forever. Educating, fascinating, and entertaining potential customers/clients.

Most business owners will publish 5–10 blog posts and call it good….

And then wonder wHeRe ThE lEaDs ArE

If you’re a solo business owner, you must make writing + publishing a habit. Even if it’s only 7 minutes/day.

Build this habit

If you suggest you’re too busy for a business growth habit such as this, well, your inefficient business won’t be around for long anyway.

Take this as your sign to start publishing to your company blog — make it regular — start with just 1 post per week.

You’ll hit your groove and find a rhythm/process that works for you… and then you’ll naturally start to improve that process so it becomes second-nature.

Before long, you’ll be a content shipping machine. And you won’t be far off from having an entire network of hard-working content at your back, nurturing your most ideal customers/clients.

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