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Live Chat Statistics

Live Chat Statistics

A massive list of all the live chat statistics we could find

Below is a showcase of all the statistics we could find around the live chat software industry. Please contact us immediately if you find any inaccurate information or you have a statistic you think should be published here.

A treasure trove of live chat stats

Curious about how live chat impacts businesses?

73% of customers

Find live chat the most satisfactory form of communication with a company.

Cheaper costs

Live chat slashes costs by over half. According to some estimates, call center support costs $12 per call compared to $5 for live chat.

79% of customers

An immediate answer to their questions is the main reason they choose live chat.

22% of people

Don’t like talking on the phone

And another 21% of people can easily chate (instead of call) while they’re at work


According to standard live chat support statistics, 41% prefer this option mainly because they’ll get a quick answer.

A phone call is the second option with 32%

Email third with 23%

And finally, we have social media with 3%

60% more per purchase

Customers who use live chat spend up to 60% more per purchase than those who don’t

Why? Because they trust you more. If it has this effect when it comes to “buying” something, it’ll have the same on your injury firm.

23% boost in conversion rates

Virgin Airlines boosted conversion rates by 23% after deploying live chat

190% boost in conversion rates

Intuit’s conversion rates rose to a spectacular 190% after implementing live chat

Their sales levels jumped by an impressive 211% after the chat widget was added to the product comparison page.

Live chat stats conclusively show that the presence of a chat widget increased the average order value at the checkout process by 43%

Nearly 70% of organizations

…use canned (automated) messages in live chat


People who’ve used live chat are more likely to hire a lawyer after having that initial chat.

Their interest in chatting indicates they’re ready to stop reading website pages and are ready for action on their case.

Live chat statistics (continued)

If you’re like us, you’ll love the numbers behind it all 😎


79% of businesses say that offering live chat has had a positive effect on sales, revenue, and customer loyalty

Better client relations

In a Zoho study, 43% of companies said they had a better understanding of their clients within a year of using live chat.

(You hear the most complaints through live chat, but, like they say, there’s nothing better than client feedback.)

Live chat isn’t just for the youth

While people aged 18–34 are most likely to report having used live chat many times, 32.9% of people aged 35–54 and 22.3% of people age 55+ report having used live chat for support a few times.

85% satisfaction rating

Live chat has the second-highest customer satisfaction ratings at 85%

56 million live chats analyzed

Read more here: 2020 Live Chat Benchmark Report


Live chat resolution rates are 13X faster than online forms and emails

Business gets done fast with live chat and text message

99 percent of all text messages are opened

More than 93 percent are opened within the first 15 minutes

Bottom line: Text messages get read. Business gets done.

Every business who uses their website to get clients should have live chat on it.

63% of customers say

They are likely to revisit a website that offers live chat support

Half of the population

Nearly 50% of customers say that having a live chat agent answer their query in the middle of their *buyer journey* is an important feature that a business can offer

Read more on this

40% converstion rate

Live chat has a conversion rate of 40% when used for lead generation

105% ROI Increase

Proactive chat leads to a 105% ROI increase

See example of a Proactive Chat

94 percent

94% of the customers who proactively engaged with live chat were very or somewhat satisfied with the experience

Read more

Massive efficiency

An experienced live chat agent can handle 4–6 chats at a single time (if not more!)

Make it easier for prospective clients to reach you

If you force your website visitors to call, you may lose them as potential clients. Sure, they can fill out a website form, but you know it can be hard to get them on the phone later.

With live chat on your website, you’re eliminating any possible friction you can. Live chat makes it incredibly easy for potential clients to reach you.

The biggest downside you have is having too many leads. Live chat is incredibly cost effective and any website with traffic will generate leads with it. You have limitless options to help qualify the lead once you convert it.

We completely understand the concept of making your prospects jump through hoops to qualify themselves.

But we don’t believe in blocking off access.

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