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Money Printer Components — What exactly is an Epoxy Flooring Money Printer?

Money Printer Components —

What exactly is an Epoxy Flooring Money Printer?

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Money Printers are ecosystems of digital properties that converts anonymous Internet traffic into buyers in a given region

An Epoxy Flooring Money Printer is an ecosystem of digital properties that converts anonymous Internet traffic into Epoxy Flooring Estimate Requests*, specifically and predictably.


  • Main Content Hub — Website
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Backlinking
  • Social Profiles
  • Social Ads
  • PPC
  • Everywhere+
  • Email List
  • Newsletter
  • Google Business Profile*
  • Facebook Group*
  • Conversion
  • ECHO


Money Printers produce 15–30+ leads per month, each —

  • 10–12+ should convert into Estimate Requests*

“You can quickly gauge the intelligence level of a man based on his unwillingness to rent a Money Printer” — JFK



This is the lifeblood of the entire ecosystem.

contentOS is the elixir that feeds the Nucleus.

Ferociously and consistently publishing high-quality content to your company blog will do wonders you never thought possible. You just have to be willing to put the time in.

For example:

It’s extremely important to note that the example below is using simple numbers to make it easier to understand.

Suppose one blog post/article will be responsible for just one sales opportunity per year.

After only 12 months, you’ll have built a machine that will generate about 240 sales opportunities* over the course of the following 12 months.

After 12 months, you’ll have this entire network of content that floats around the Internet 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Each piece of content spends its time educating, entertaining, and fascinating your audience until they convert into a salivating buyer.

Every single piece of content will work its little heart out for you as much as you’ll let it.

On-Page SEO—Technical

This is your technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) — SEO metas/Headlines/Alt Tags

Off-Page SEO

This is everything you do outside of your own website.

  • Forum discussions
  • Guest blogging*
  • Backlinking
  • Citations

… to name just a few.

*You must always include a link back to a page/post on your own website to reap the full rewards here. Surely you’ll gain credibility if you simply include your name, but we want to please the search engine algorithms here too! Make sure to always include a link back to one of your own digital properties.


Manually harvesting backlinks is one of the most tedious, most painstaking SEO tasks one can do

However, if you produce content that’s worth linking to, you’ll harvest more backlinks than you’d know what to do with. If you create premium content, it’ll get noticed. Once it gets noticed, it’ll naturally accumulate backlinks.

Backlinks are one of Google’s most important ranking factors.

Social Profiles

Simply creating + properly filling out the major social media profiles will send strong, positive signals to Google and the other search engines.

Social Ads

Interruption marketing works exceptionally well for those who know how to harness its power.

The plethora of calculators, tools, and other resources we add to each Money Printer ensures an increase in opportunity volume.

Givers get.

Educate your audience and you’ll attract your most ideal clients or customers in droves.


Ads are the 1st thing that shows up on the SERPs.

There’s no way we’ll ever not invest a few dollars to grab the top spot there too.


Complete and total remarketing; omnipresence.

Everywhere+ gently attracts a large volume of opportunity allowing you to cherry-pick for your most ideal clients or customers.

Email List Development

Email is a channel that we own, totally and completely. We build, develop, and segment this list to produce the highest quality opportunities. To do that, we use a Newsletter.


To gently nurture the most passionate within the audience.

We use this to educate, fascinate, and entertain. This list will live for an extremely long time + provide constant value to the area it serves.

Google Business Profile*

The second-most important component of a Money Printer.

If a Money Printer is the sun ☀️, its Google Business Profile is like Earth 🌎. Full of life, abundance, and prosperity. 😎

A Google Business Profile further legitimizes the Money Printer in the eyes of the Search Engine Algorithms. The more digital legitimacy a Money Printer has, the more its rewarded with a higher organic ranking.

Facebook Group*

At the end of the day, this is used to curate a community of ravenous buyers.

But this will serve as a valuable resource to the community in which its Money Printer serves.


It takes a special skill to know how to convert random, anonymous people into actual, tangible sales leads — buyers.

It’s an art, really.

The time, effort, and money it takes to learn all of this on your own is something that most business owners today simply don’t have.


There is probably one epoxy floor company on this entire planet who knows + uses this technique. If you’re that person, it’s be an extreme honor to meet you.

This technique…

It’s called ECHO

Though it’s also referred to as:

  • Dark social
  • Dark funnel
  • In-Funnel
  • Or any variation of these

The ECHO takes advantage of something called The Mere-Exposure Effect.
If you’d like to learn more about what this is and how it pertains to marketing,
read this article now.

We treat this audience as if it’s our email list. Continuously serving this audience’s best interest in such a way that benefits our own company.

This audience is comprised of every single person who has interacted with the Money Printer’s Facebook Page within the last 180 days.

(6 months.)

They’re served only those resources and tools that make their lives easier.

We just engineer it to also benefit us. (By building the Money Printer and renting it out to folks like yourself. 🙂)

If you’re curious about renting a Money Printer, see if there’s one still available near you

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