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Project 37 Launch Waitlist

Build a system that predictably (and profitably) acquires 12-21+ new [recurring] residential cleaning clients

Custom Maids delivers 122-151+ House Cleaning Estimates to potential [recurring] clients in Mid-Michigan every quarter

The goal?

37 New, Recurring Clients

And so Project 37 was born in mid 2022

“Recurring”, for Custom Maids, can mean any 1 of the following cleaning visit frequencies:

  • Weekly
  • Bi-Weekly
  • Monthly

And for them, recurring income is the name of the game —

The big, one-time deep clean service(s) offer a wonderful cash boost, but a lot of times those folks aren’t a good fit to pivot to a recurring service. (i.e they’re moving out-of-state)

Without an emphasis on soaking up those recurring clients, business owners are missing out big time according to CEO Katie Asel. She went on to talk about how most owners “get it” when you explain the benefits of focusing on acquiring recurring clients. But that it came down to having an actual process — a system — to predictably (and profitably) convert a stranger to a satisfied, paying client. Asel said the systems (or lack thereof) is the reason most business owners struggle. Without them, there’s nothing to lean on.

To achieve business financial health, Custom Maids believes you *should* have 3 primary goals as the owner (in no particular order):

  1. Acquire New Clients
  2. Increase Number of Transactions
  3. Increase Average Value Per Transaction

Project 37 Goal

Project 37 had a goal of 37 [recurring] residential cleaning clients from Sep 1, 2022 — Dec 31, 2022.

The team hit 40 on Dec 2, 2022 — nearly a full month ahead of schedule

On average, those 40 new [recurring] clients are worth ~$285 in gross revenue (before taxes, expenses)

— — 40 X $285 = $11,400 USD in house cleaning services

A full month ahead of schedule, Project 37 resulted in a gain of more than $11k in monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

The best part? 

The best part

Once a client signs, they stay for a long, long time. 

CEO, Katie Asel went on to share that the desire for a Homemaker’s services are still there. But today, in 2022, it’s simply impossible for a family to survive (let alone thrive) on a single income. There are just fewer Homemakers than there were 20-30 years ago. 

People still want a clean home. But, more than ever, they absolutely don’t want to do it themselves. The company charges $45 per labor hour and will send a team of 2-3 cleaners on each visit. New clients are either thrilled and can’t wait to get started… or they have serious pushback on the pricing. There’s no in between on it. But there’s quite a difference between the quality of clients based on the price they’re willing to pay to essentially buy back their time. They seem to appreciate it more than those who pay a lower rate.

If you can predictably find new clients and “sell” them on a recurring package, you’ve just found your golden ticket to wealth. Then it simply becomes a game of rinse and repeat. 

Custom Maids averages less than 3 cancellations per month over the course of the year. Some, though, are only suspensions. In this case, the client is heading south for the Winter and wants to resume in the Spring. So, it’s a “cancellation” but also not. :)

Being able to predictably (and profitably) acquire clients is a skill that commands north of a $200,000 USD annual salary to someone who understands their value. Being able to predictably, profitably acquire clients is about as close as you can get to — legally — printing money! 

That person probably won’t be clamoring to find a job working in the cleaning industry though. 99.9% of our budgets likely won’t allow for a $200k annual salary.

Build your automated client acquisition system with Project 37

The next best option is building an automated system that can do [most] of the heavy lifting for you.

The ultimate goal is to avoid marketing agencies. Most marketing agencies are *very good* at getting you to see their “value” but horrid at delivering. They’re very good at selling and locking you into annual contracts that offer nothing. You might also be tempted to hire in-house. You can catch a decent marketer early in their career for about $50k annually. They may not ever learn their true value. But they may also learn it in 9 months. Either way, this person will only ever be as good as your direction and expectation. They need something to shoot for, too! Long story short, hiring in-house offers nothing but a world of unknowns. You should be well-positioned before making this leap. Not at a stage where you’re struggling or “need business now”. 

So this “system” that profitably acquires [recurring] residential cleaning clients

Custom Maids is about to unveil everything they’ve used to build theirs

In 2023, Project 37 will be officially released for those business owners who want to soak up every [recurring] residential cleaning Sales Opportunity within 50 miles of the HQ

The residential cleaning industry is about to boom in the next few years — even with a looming recession

Project 37 will get you ready for this wave by giving you a true system — an actual, proven process — specifically designed to target people who are looking for a recurring cleaning service AND getting them to request an estimate.

All you need to do is meet them and close the deal

If you’re stuck between $10k-$20k per month in house cleaning services and are looking to grow, acquiring more [recurring] cleaning clients is the way to go. 

You’re ready for Project 37.

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