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What Is SEO?

What is SEO

Simplest SEO definition on the planet

SEO is most often referred to as search engine optimization

It’s a way of satisfying search engine algorithms to attract more traffic to a website.

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What is On-Page SEO

On-page SEO are the things you do on your own website to help it rank higher and earn more lucrative, relevant traffic.

What is Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO consists of the things you do outside of your own website.

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Strategically targeting keywords based on search intent

Essentially, SEO allows individuals or companies to attract a greater number of visitors to their websites by publishing relevant content that contains certain keywords.

These keywords help the website to rank higher in search results when an individual uses a search engine to look for certain websites, images, or information.

For example, if a person is searching for a certain product, and your website contains keywords related to that product, then your website will appear higher in the list of results the person is presented with on the search engine.

This ultimately allows you to attract more traffic to your website for free, and the more efficient you are with your SEO, the more traffic, and potential customers, you will attract.

Recent rise in popularity

SEO has seen a tremendous increase in popularity in recent years, and there are many reasons for this.

Firstly, more and more individuals and groups nowadays are beginning to realize the benefits SEO has, and the advantages it can bring to their businesses.

An SEO optimized website will not only look much more professional and visually appealing, but it will also make any site much more successful than one that does not make use of SEO.

In addition to this, as more and more websites began to take advantage of the benefits of SEO, others started to see this and started to implement SEO in their own sites.

As one website owner saw a sudden increase in attention and success due to SEO, other site owners would see this and take an interest in SEO, wanting to know the reason for this sudden success.

These other owners would then improve their own sites by optimizing their SEO. And this leads to more and more people becoming aware of the benefits that SEO brings, and therefore more and more people take advantage of these benefits.

How to properly “do” SEO

While SEO can be highly beneficial when implemented correctly, it is important that website owners and builders know how to do so, as a website will only truly see the benefits if their SEO is optimized in the most efficient way possible.

In order to ensure SEO is done properly on a site, the content on the site has to include keywords that not only relate directly to the site itself, but also will be of interest to the target market of the site.

Oftentimes, SEO that is not perfectly implemented can be effective in attracting more traffic to a site, but it may attract individuals that are highly unlikely to stay on the site or make a purchase from the business of the site.

This is beneficial in terms of the popularity of the site, however it does not offer any real benefit when it comes to the sales and profitability of the business of the site.

For example, it wouldn’t be helpful for a local tree service company Alabama to rank for keywords in that are predominantly searched in Lagos.

In addition to all of this, it’s important to consider what is the correct number of keywords to include in a piece of content on a website when also taking SEO into consideration. If a piece of content contains too few keywords, then it will not rank as highly on search engines, and therefore it will not attract as much traffic to the website.

Alternatively, if a piece of content has too many keywords it may appear unusual, and visually unappealing.

While it may allow the site to rank highly on search engines, when visitors actually read the content on the site they may be put off by the overuse of keywords, and this may even cause them to leave the site.

Why SEO is important

There are many reasons why SEO is highly important for any website nowadays.

One of the major reasons for the importance of SEO these days is the ability it gives websites and companies to stand out from their competitors.

Competition is becoming more and more intense on a daily basis, especially with the growing popularity and use of technology in business.

SEO can give a business site the edge over its competitors and allow it to capture more market share and attract more customers before these competitors realize what they are missing out on.

Essentially, effective SEO optimization can take a website that is performing poorly and take it above all of its competing sites in terms of results and attraction.

User experience is a major factor

Another major reason for the importance of SEO is the improvement in quality it brings to the content of a site, and to the site itself overall.

One of the first things a visitor will notice on a website is the quality of the information and content they are viewing.

Effectively this content is the face of the business in a virtual sense, and therefore it is vital that it is as appealing as possible and that it makes a good impression on the visitors to the site.

The use of SEO allows a site to do this, as not only does this SEO allow the site to rank higher in search engine results, but it also makes the content of the site much more visually appealing and attractive to visitors and potential customers.

The increased availability it gives sites for their existing and potential customers is also a huge benefit. When implemented correctly on a website, certain SEO tactics will ensure that all the important information relating to the business is available on the site and can be found easily and quickly by customers who are looking for it.

This is something that is highly important for many customers, as they want to know exactly what the business does, what it stands for, and what they will be supporting by purchasing from this business.

On-page SEO can help gain trust

SEO will allow these customers to understand the overall goals of the business and can effectively turn a visitor that is unlikely to make a purchase into a guaranteed regular customer.

Efficient SEO also makes the site much more accessible for visitors, not only this, but it also makes new and old customers alike feel like they are more connected to the business and that they can always contact the business directly if this is something they feel they want or need to do. And you’ll have a tremendous power if you can gain the trust of your audience like that.

Not only can SEO help to bring more traffic to the website of the business, it can also send more traffic to the business’s advertisements and promotions on-demand. If you have an event coming up in a 6 months, you can start promoting it to the people who are visiting your company’s website each day. It’s all free traffic anyway!

This helps the business greatly as it can take advantage of the benefits of SEO and use it to enhance marketing efforts that are working, and also to revamp marketing campaigns that may not be as effective or successful. The effective use of SEO on a site can truly maximize the effects existing marketing and advertising elements on the site can have.

The biggest concern we hear from most SEO experts is that every company’s on-page SEO is absolutely terrible. This means that there are profitable companies who are taking action and investing into SEO and content marketing only to find out that their on-page SEO has been horrible the entire time. And when a real SEO expert gets their hands on the controls of your website, you’ll enjoy tremendous success.

Lead Generation Analysis

Our live chat software will generate more leads from the website visitors you already worked so hard to get. Take this free analysis to see how many more leads you would generate each month.

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All businesses — and sites in general — can benefit

It’s clear that SEO is something that all businesses and websites can benefit greatly from, and therefore they should all be implementing it in their sites.

With the large number of benefits that come from the use of SEO in a site, it is no wonder that it has seen such a rise in popularity in recent times, and this will only continue to grow in the future.

Regardless of the size, power, or magnitude of the business or site, SEO will always be beneficial and has the capability to transform not only the success of the site, but also the way it appears in the eyes of the viewer or potential customer.

Many large companies dangerously overlook the opportunity in search engines

Many larger businesses may overlook the implementation of SEO in their sites, as they may simply feel that they are doing fine without it.

These businesses also may not want to make changes to a site that, in their eyes, is already performing at its maximum level.

However, with the sheer size and existing attraction of these businesses and sites, the successful use of SEO would make a huge difference.

While a bigger business may overlook an additional one or two customers, if done effectively, SEO can bring hundreds or even thousands of visitors to their site on a daily basis.

Organic traffic is often a startup’s secret sauce

While SEO is clearly important for larger businesses, it is even more so for smaller businesses that may have only been recently formed and therefore have a smaller target market to sell to.

Small businesses will see the value of every customer and therefore they will want to do whatever they can to bring more attention to their business.

SEO will allow the businesses website to attract more and more customers each day, and even one or two customers can make a huge difference in a small company.

Essentially these small businesses can use SEO as the kickstart they need to transform the way they attract customers, and essentially maximize the success of their business.

Lead Generation Analysis

Our live chat software will generate more leads from the website visitors you already worked so hard to get. Take this free analysis to see how many more leads you would generate each month.

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What are backlinks?

A backlink is any given link from one webpage to another.

Backlinks are also sometimes referred to as “inbound links”, “one-way links”, or “incoming links”.

The more reputable backlinks you have on your website, the more you’ll be rewarded with a higher ranking in the search engines.

Internal links

Internal links always make search engine algorithms drool.

It *looks good* to the algorithm robots to see helpful content interlinking with other webpages inside its very own ecosystem.

Link building

Develop a process that achieves one reputable backlink per month. 12 months from now you’ll have way more than 12 reputable links, loaded with domain authority juice, pointing right back at your perfect little company website.

When you create content, you’re building an intensely lucrative network of links that all points back to you

SEO from another point of view can be seen as a platform in which you can build an entire network of content that all leads back to you.

This means the content you produce on your site is like digital equity.

You own it, forever.

Unlike the content you post on your social media accounts.

The major benefit of this is that the more effective your SEO is, the more equitable your content will be.

You get to create a web of information that will lead visitors and potential customers back to your site, regardless of which route they take or which piece of content they see first.

This is especially important for small local businesses as they may struggle to compete financially with bigger firms, and therefore this gives them a way to take customers from these bigger firms without having to match their spending.

The magic of a high-quality content network

Compounding effects

The magic of a content network you create is that as you produce more and more content the impact of this content compounds.

Your content marketing and SEO efforts compound every single time you take action. Every single time you publish a new, valuable piece of content you increase your digital credibility and also offer the opportunity to help someone in your target audience.

With each new piece of content the existing ones become more effective and efficient in attracting traffic to your site.

Not only will the content you produce be more appealing to your potential customers, but it will allow you to learn the best ways to target specific customers, as well as how to tailor your content with the most efficient use of SEO possible.

A network of links that becomes self-sustaining over time

Eventually this network will become nearly completely self-sustaining, and you will be able to attract hundreds of new customers with very little effort.

Similarly, you can also view the network of content you create as a collection of digital real estate, in which you essentially become the landlord of your content, renting it out to viewers who then have the opportunity to buy from your business.

Not only do you have the power to create and change content as you please, but as you continue to use SEO on your site, you will develop a deeper understanding of its capabilities and the ways in which it can be used most effectively.

After a while you will gain confidence and experience with your SEO content and before long you will have mastered the use of SEO and will be attracting more visitors and customers to your site than you could have ever imagined.

In addition to this, while on social media you can also produce content, with your own SEO optimized website, you own all of the content.

This is a major advantage as this gives you control over everything, and while social media is also an effective tool for businesses, it does not allow for an effective use of SEO in the content produced by the business.

Types of content to create for organic search

If you’re just starting out, the very best thing you can do is ferociously publish to your company blog until you develop your own system.

You have to build a habit of doing before you can ever devise a plan to do so (speaking from experience). After a few short repetitions, you’ll start to find ways to make your system even more efficient.

Build the habit first.

What should you write about?

Literally anything you can possibly think of that would educate someone in some way.

Ideally, you want that person to be a potential customer or client.

Video content works perfect too

If you’re someone who prefers video, simply create 3–5 minute videos that help educate your target audience in the same way a blog post would.

Pro tip: Take that video and get it transcribed so you can publish all of those words onto your company blog.

My favorites for video transcription are Fiverr gigs and Rev.com (highly recommend Rev!)

The most effective way to use social media and search engines together

Ultimately, the most effective way to use social media is in combination with your website.

In this case, the social media pages of the business would direct customers to the website, which would then entice them to make purchases through the content of the site.

While this happens, the site itself would also be attracting visitors through its own effective use of SEO.

Basically, you get more bang for your buck when you make these two (social media + SEO) work together.

What is a long-tailed keyword

Long-tailed keywords tend to be more specific and usually longer than shorter keywords. Long-tail keywords often receive less search traffic than short-tail keywords, but usually have a higher conversion rate because they’re more specific.

Most lucrative keyword searches

In my opinion, long-tailed keywords are the most lucrative for a company who wants to focus on a national search engine optimization marketing campaign. These will be lower competition and lower volume so you’ll need to have a system/process to pump out a volume of valuable content for this to work best.

If you’re a local company, just write about anything you can possible think of relating to your industry/brand/company/organization

Search Engine Optimization Can Be Highly Lucrative

The human population is increasing

The number of people who use smartphones is increasing

There are more Google searches today than ever before

Optimizing your website(s) to show up when people search for topics related to you will never not be a good idea

Top 4 Keyword Research Tools

In this specific order





Simplest search engine hack any local small business owner can do right now

Build a reputable portfolio of local business listing citations

If you don’t know what local business listings are, read this master blog post to understand why you need to put some focus on your own citation portfolio.

Proper SEO management is not cheap and it’s not necessarily quick either — no matter what the lambo gurus tell you.

Sometimes it’s taken us 18 months to get to the top 3 in Google. Others times, we’ve done it in days.

When it comes to SEO, every industry, every keyword in, in every city, county, state, and country will be different. No matter what. The only thing a reputable SEO agency can offer is their honest to God best effort. If any true SEO expert intrinsically cares about you or your company, they will help you reap rewards you didn’t know existed.

If you’d like help right now, please email hi@nurturely.io with the subject line “complete local seo management” and we’ll tell you where you need to go.

Sometimes the best thing we can do for you is connect you with another digital marketing and SEO expert who’s best-suited for your specific industry. Most of the time, we are not the right fit for you.

Questions? Comments? Drop em below. 🙂

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